Larson Hunt: On Becoming a Model

Model Larson Hunt wears Linen scarf by KVaughn Summer 2024
Larson Hunt. Photo: Tony Ward Copyright 2024

Text by Larson Hunt, Copyright 2024


On Becoming a Model


In my mind, I was tagging along with my dad for a photoshoot. Why? The sole reason was that he needed help carrying his equipment up over five flights of stairs. To think this would be the start of the string of events sparking my love for the worlds of art and fashion was all too fun to ponder. The shoot for my dad  took place at the James Oliver Gallery, in Philadelphia. I was doing my small part away from the cameras. That was until the director, K.Vaughn, wanted to shoot me for an up and coming collection of scarves. This started my relationship with K.Vaughn. He was already good friends with my dad, they embarked on the project of renovating  his atelier/ home. Once again, I tagged along. I got a unique window into the life of the creative mind of K.Vaughn. My respect and admiration for him and the art he surrounded himself with grew. 

It wasn’t too long until he called me in for another photoshoot, and another, and so on. It wasn’t just photoshoots that I helped with either. He requested me for his exclusive bistro parties, sudden pop up shops, and the occasional hang out. At this point, I considered him my fashion uncle. KV hit me up for a photoshoot at the Rittenhouse Grill, and told me he’s bringing in another photographer. It was Tony Ward. 

I could tell that Tony was more than just a photographer. He’s a man that has the collective creativity of thousands of minds. KV would go on to book two shoots at Tony’s  studio. It was during those shoots that I got to know Tony and hear his stories. Over the course of several conversations, I was able to understand some of his philosophies. Tony understands that life is a gift full of struggles, and triumphs. Furthermore he (Tony) teaches that over time life reveals that you need your struggles to be directed towards the triumphs you dream of. This is reflected in his confidence about his work. He knows that his triumphs are the works of art he produces, and the people he decides to invite into his life. With all of these wonderful lessons and experiences I’ve absorbed, my inspiration to continue this absurd string of good fortune has been further strengthened. I can tell it will lead me to places I’d never imagine, but I feel as though I already belong.


Milton White: Linen is HOT!!!

Text by Milton White, Copyright 2024


Linen is HOT!!!


Photographs and Video Clip by Ted Kawalerski, Copyright 2024


The photographers, models, creative director and assistants gathered on the grounds at Tony Ward’s studio for what became a great collaboration of talent. 
Each of us being inspired to bring life to the product…Kvaughn Scarves.
***Love, Unabridged – Prose and Poetry by Zachary Starr.But where does inspiration come from? Some say that it is born from the depths of our souls, a wellspring of creativity that flows endlessly within us. Others believe it to be a gift from the universe, bestowed upon those who are open to receiving its divine wisdom.***
I have been a muse for Kvaughn Scarves for many years, always wanting more to show off Kevin’s gift of finding fabrics and patterns that turns heads not only at special events, but also everyday wear.
The Parisian scenes and settings in the TWS studio are provided by TW. The outdoor scenes are also exceptional, provided by the enclave and grounds at TWS.
Though we had planned to shoot until 2pm, we wrapped an hour earlier. We were on fire! The flow of energy throughout each setting kept us all on top of our game. 
Matt Sampson, aka the sneaker guy, brought colors that completed the look for each scene.
Larson Hunt, model extraordinaire, was playful on the tire swing, blow up pool and for a finale, he got hosed down in linen.
KV (Kvaughn), always creative, wore his scarves with style and flare, as only he can.
I, myself, was simply there…natural.
The photographers, TW, Ted Kawalerski (who visited from New York), AlbFor and Isiah, and the assistants Brian Hunt and Tony Colagreco gave their all in making the magic happen.
Afterwards, we sat down around food, drinks, good music and conversation.
Sunday was a day to unwind, regroup and refresh our vision for the next shoot. KV, Brian Hunt and TW joined me at my cabana poolside for a dip in the pool. Cocktails, lunch, music and conversation (which lead to a little brainstorming) defeating our purpose for the time together, but we did return to relaxing with drinks. Then a final dip before saying farewell to until we meet again.
Looking forward to our next venture!
poolside with Milton White and fashion designer KVaughn
Poolside: KVaughn and Milton White:  Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2024


Milton White models KVaughn scave 100% linen 2024 summer collection
Milton White. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2024


About The Author: 
Milton White is a fashion aficionado, collector and consultant.  He is currently creative assistant to KVaughn Studio and style editor at TWS. To access additional articles by Milton White, link here:

Bob Shell: Trump and Me

Trump illustration with Red face and Guilty! sign on his head.
Trump Guilty! Artwork by Thomcat23, Copyright 2024.

Text by Bob Shell, Copyright 2024


Trump and Me


I’m writing this late at night after watching the coverage of Donald Trump’s criminal trial for weeks on NewsNation. Today Donald Trump joined me as a convicted felon. Like me, Trump was tried by a corrupt prosecutor, judge, and jury. With such flimsy cases, neither of us should ever have been charged, much less brought to trial. 

Anyone who reads my posts here knows that I do not like Donald Trump. I think he is a crook and a danger to democracy. But he is right that this case was political persecution, pure and simple. Alvin Bragg, the NY prosecutor, ran for office on the promise that he would ‘get’ Donald Trump. He did, to his political advantage. He wants to run for governor of NY State, and he will surely use this ridiculous conviction to his political advantage. 

One important way in which Trump and I differ is that the day I was convicted I was not allowed to go home and remain there until sentencing. Trump went home to Trump Towers, I went to jail. I was convicted of six felonies; Trump was convicted of thirty-four! Equal treatment? Sure! My request for an appeal bond was summarily denied by a judge who obviously hated me; Trump just walked out of the courtroom and went home. While my six convictions would normally have resulted in concurrent sentences, this hateful judge ran my sentences consecutively! Rather than seven years, I got thirty-two and a half years! The judge emphasized that this meant “one after the other.” That was clearly punitive and not justified by the charges. 

Trump’s defense called the prosecution’s main witness, Michael Cohen, the GLOAT, The Greatest Liar of All Time. I would call the medical examiner who testified at my trial the GLOAT! Everything he said on the stand was a lie. Without his false, perjured testimony I could not have been charged, much less convicted. 

Anyone interested in full details of the prosecution witnesses who lied under oath can find the sordid details at

If I sound angry, I am. I am on my 17th year in prison for something that simply never happened. In that sense Trump and I are different. The events he was convicted for did happen, but were misdemeanors at best. We were both convicted by a ‘justice system’ that has been politicized. It is long since time for judicial reform. The system is broken, badly broken. When a corrupt prosecutor can convict someone simply because he does not like him or his lifestyle, our whole system is under threat. Never believe it can’t happen to you; it can.

There is a very important reason why, even if elected, Donald Trump cannot serve as president of the USA. 

I have not heard this mentioned by any of the political pundits on TV. Just like me, Trump is now a convicted felon. A convicted felon cannot get a security clearance. That is the law. 

It is essential for a president to function that he have a high level security clearance. Without it, he cannot receive regular security briefings that every president must receive and cannot attend cabinet meetings where classified material is viewed and discussed. He could not have received any of those classified documents that were in all those boxes at his estate in Florida. 

Simply put, he could not function as President. I would like the Republican Party to exp!ain how Trump can deal with foreign or domestic policy in the dark, as he would be. His vice president, yet to be named, or any government official could not even discuss classified matters with him. 

This is not a petty, nitpicking matter, like so many others that the Democrats have raised, it is a central point of the presidency. This, like so much with Donald Trump, has never come up before in the history of the United States.


About The Author: Bob Shell is a professional photographer, author, former editor in chief of Shutterbug Magazine and veteran contributor to this blog. He is currently serving a 35 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter for the death of Marion Franklin, one of his former models.  He is serving the 17th year of his sentence at Pocahontas State Correctional Facility, Virginia. To read additional articles by Bob Shell link here:


Milton White: Dining Out in February

Text & Photographs by Milton White, Copyright 2024


Dining Out in February


Well, there are so many events to celebrate in the shortest month of the year, including Ground Hog’s Day, the Pro Bowl, the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, Lent (for those of you who celebrate Lent), you might want to add another day at the end so that you can enjoy Valentine’s Day! And Ladies, this is Leap Year!!! 

Here are a few of my favorite locations for you to visit or revisit to get your cheer on!!!

Sunday Brunch at Lacroix at the Rittenhouse Hotel

The original Brunch has returned!!! The Chef manned carving stations throughout the kitchen are back. The exquisite menu boasts luscious hors d’oeuvres, hot and cold stations,  as well as delectable desserts. All served with a view overlooking Rittenhouse Square mastered by classic French service. This may be the perfect date venue, although it is family friendly.

The Capital Grille – Center City

Lunch, Happy Hour, Pre-Theatre, Dinner

This location is one of the finest! The Executive Chef will serve up your favorites from Pan-Fried Calamari with Hot Cherry Peppers, amazing soups and salads to the best cuts of Steaks. Seared Salmon and Roasted Chicken Breast are also favored by guests. Accompanied with a knowledgeable and friendly staff, it a great time for family and friends. Don’t forget your Bartenders!


Still hot on the Square

Always chic, always fun, a great place to meet and greet. You can’t go wrong with what has been named the best burger in Philadelphia several years running. The Roast Pork Sandwich is delicious too! The DJ at Brunch keeps the party going from the night before, especially if you add a bottle of Veuve or any other bubbly! For dinner their Plates choices are designed to want for more, they are that good.

You just might get more for reserving this spot…wink, wink

I’m talking conversation, lol

Ristorante Positano in Ardmore

If you have been fortunate to travel to Italy, better yet, the Amalfi Coast…well let’s get right to it…to Positano. There is a slice of Positano in Ardmore. As you approach this hidden gem, you might take notice of the Mediterranean facade with the Italian tile address number when you enter. Once inside, you are transported to the coastal village. Tile floors, walls covered with Art, sculptures and intimate table settings. The service is that of a style of long ago, hand written menus, entrees served from carts expertly maneuvered by your server. But, most importantly…the food! The owner, Dom, has brought his home to you. The best sauces, meatballs, freshest fish and vegetables, pasta and breads made daily. Wines to complement each dish. On and on I could go. You will thank me for this one. Just make room for me if I drop in when you visit.

Set a few doors down is:

Local Wine and Kitchen in Ardmore

For the Wine Enthusiasts, there are several, if not monthly, wine tastings throughout the year. Chef Dom, hmmm, that name sounds familiar (another Dom), has prepared a menu of locally grown products to accompany the local wines served in this wonderful restaurant, hence the name. You can learn more about the great food, cheese & charcuteries at the bar and at the table.

Off street parking is available behind these two establishments.


Milton White III



Local Wine & Kitchen

39 W. Lancaster Ave.

Ardmore, PA 19003

(610) 896-4740


Positano Ristorante

21 W. Lancaster Ave.

Ardmore, PA 19003

(610) 896-8298


Lacroix at The Rittenhouse

210 W. Rittenhouse Sq.

Philadelphia, PA 19103

(215) 790-2533


The Capital Grille

Broad & Chestnut Sts.

Philadelphia, PA 19107

(215) 545-9588


contributing writer to Tony Ward Studio blog Milton White
Milton White Photographed by Tony Ward, Copyright 2024.


About The Author: 
Milton White is a fashion aficionado, collector and consultant.  He is currently creative assistant to KVaughn Studio. To access additional articles by Milton White, link here:

Milton White: I See I Like I Buy

Portrait of fashion consultant Milton White wearing KVaughn white scarve.
Milton White wears KVaughn Winter Collection 2924. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Text by Milton White, Copyright 2023


I See I Like I Buy


Picture this, it was during the 1996 Christmas Holiday season. While sitting with one of my favorite bartender’s, Dominic, at Mia’s Restaurant at the Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia, a tall enthusiastic guy entered the bar area with a bag, greeting Dominic as if they knew each other for years. After a brief introduction, Kvaughn opened his bag pulling out scarf after scarf, after scarf. There was one scarf that stood out to me, that I had to have. It was a festive black organza embossed with sparkling martini glasses and bubbles reminding me of champagne. I wore it with my New Year’s Eve outfit that year. I was hooked from there. The following year, I purchased not only for myself, but for family and friends as gifts.
Soon after, I sought Kvaughn throughout the year for different events that I attended. There are two occasions that come to mind.
In 2000, I attended a birthday celebration for Senator Hillary Clinton in New York, first a small private function, then a much larger event at a theater on Broadway. I happened to be wearing a blue Armani suit, lavender shirt and tie with a Kvaughn original, a multi-colored sequined scarf offsetting the color of the combination. During the intermission, as I approached President Clinton, Christian Slater stopped me to say that I looked amazing…I am sure it was because of the scarf! By the way, I never got to President Clinton because the intermission came to an end.
I lost touch with Kvaughn, due to my schedule. I lived in Manhattan and worked in Atlanta at that time. On one of my visits back to Philly, this is also one of Kvaughn’s favorite recollections, I was strolling along Walnut Street, wearing olive green Versace turtleneck with Versace couture jeans accompanied with a long velvet maroon/silver iridescent original by Kvaughn, when we ran into each other. I told him that I had been looking for him, because I needed to add to my collection. I took him to Del Frisco’s for cocktails so that we could catch up. 
I was exposed to fashion and style at an early age. My parents exuded style. They never stepped outside the front door without being impeccably dressed whether for casual occasions or in party attire. After sitting down to dinner with the family, Dad would put on his smoking jacket and retire to the living room for family time. They dressed my sisters and I in the latest fashions of the day. When I was allowed to pick out my own clothes and it was met with approval, I felt that my mission was accomplished. My style and accessories during my school years were, one might say, impressive.
I attended Northeastern University in Boston, and after my freshman year I moved to a townhouse in the South End with a designer friend from Philadelphia who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC, and his friend. During this period, I met other designers and models, both print and runway. Newbury Street was full of clothing stores. Finding Louis, Boston, rated Best Men’s Store in America at the time, was like hearing the Angels sing as I crossed the threshold. How does an 18-year-old know how to select a haberdashery? I found select suits, ascots, and other items that truly set me apart from the college male style. As Special Assistant to the Director of the African American Institute, planning events and hosting them, I had to look my best. One year, while still at the school, I was recruited to walk the catwalk at a fashion show and stole the show.
Moving to NYC gave me another glimpse of the world of fashion. Working at Just Above Midtown (JAM) Art Gallery on West 57th Street, Linda Goode-Bryant, Curator, introduced me to an array of artists, celebrities, and collectors. Fast forward 2001, the week after 9/11, I met Delores Aitenfisu who happened to be on the Board at JAM while I was there. Delores had her own company, D. Scott Events and I was asked to join her in planning fundraising galas for Young Audiences, which were Black Tie.
Travels to Rome, Positano and to the Islands, further enhanced my passion to accessorize my style.
I will leave you with this:
Diamonds, Pearls, Scarves = Tiffany’s, Chanel, Kvaughn 
Portrait of fashion consultant Milton White photo: Tony Ward
Milton White. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023.


About The Author: 
Milton White is a fashion aficionado, collector and consultant.  He is currently creative assistant to KVaughn Studio.