Exhibition Announcement: Obsessions – Vintage Prints 1993 – 1998

exhibition announcement for tony ward photography show. Obsessions vintage prints 1993-1998


We invite you to join us for an exploration of human vulnerability and the timeless beauty of the unadorned form. “OBSESSIONS” is an ode to the human spirit, a celebration of the profound authenticity that lies with us.

For more information about this exhibit, link here: https://www.prismartsphiladelphia.com

Ted Kawalerski: The Saudade of Neal Slavin

portrait of the great photographer Neal Slavin by Ted Kawalerski copyright 2023
Neal Slavin. Photo: Ted Kawalerski, Copyright 2023

Photography and Text by Ted Kawalerski, Copyright 2023


The Saudade of Neal Slavin


On what turned out to be a beautiful morning in New York, I was walking along Greene Street in SoHo to meet with Neal Slavin in his studio.  Tony Ward publishes a monthly blog and he asked me to make a portrait of Neal for an upcoming issue.  I had no idea of how I was going to make this happen.  I actually like to work this way and just let things evolve. When I hit #62 I rang the buzzer and entered what developed into a magical mystery tour.

Neal Slavin is a legendary photographer/director that I had never met before. He is probably most famous for the pictures that he made of large groups of people. However, there is a lot more work than that.  In over forty years I have photographed many famous people and I usually work with assistants and a lot of equipment. For this adventure, I decided to work alone and low key. This proved to be the correct decision.

As soon as I made it to the second floor, I was greeted by Neal’s wife and Producer Anita Burkhart. That set the tone for the rest of the afternoon. She has the kind of persona that you immediately feel like this is going to be a real good day.  Neal made his entrance with the same vibe and we went into the main studio. Their combined living/work space is the paragon of an artist’s environment – organized disorganization.  It’s fabulous!  We sat around a long table and drank a lot of coffee.  Anita had to leave but Neal and I spent several hours talking – about a wide variety of subjects.  In particular, Neal elaborated about his relationship with Portugal.

In 1967 Neal went to Portugal via a Fulbright Scholarship to photograph an archeological site but he became more interested in the people and he created a collection of black and white images that are incredible. He discovered Saudade, which is a unique Portuguese term that refers to a melancholic longing. This was a time when Portugal was under the brutal dictatorship of Salazar and his pictures reflect Saudade.



Neal recently returned to Portugal to make a film – Saudade a love letter to Portugal which Neal refers to as “portrait of an artist in search of his soul.” He reconnected with people that he met fifty years ago and he interviewed them for the film. He also shot color stills which are an interesting contrast to the early black and white pictures. Portugal has transitioned to a much different place than when Neal was first there and he was fortunate to have the cathartic experience of personally witnessing this metamorphosis.



So, finally Neal asked “What are we doing?” Fortunately I had the answer. While we were sitting at the table I was facing a wall that had a large work print of a picture that Neal did of a group of NYFD Chaplains.  When I first walked into the studio I thought that I would do an environmental portrait of him.  After our talk ended I wanted to do a simple photo.  I asked Neal to stand in front of the work print, I moved a light panel that was on and WE made his portrait.  I drank so much coffee that I was shaking so much  I had to use a tripod and cable release. Neal looked at the results, gave his approval and within minutes we were done.

Neal Slavin is one of the most interesting people that I have ever met!  This is not hyperbolic bullshit! No attitude or egomania. Just intellect!



About The Author: Ted Kawalerski is a New York based photographer and filmmaker who has been shooting for more than 40 years for corporations, graphic design studios, and advertising agencies.

He has done assignments worldwide of AIG, Bank of America, Chevron, Dominion Resources Services, Ernst & Young, Harris Corporation, Johnson & Johnson, Liberty Mutal, MasterCard, Medico, Pitney Bowes, Praxair, United Technologies Corporation and The Hartford.

Ted lives on the Hudson River in Sleepy Hollow, NY and is involved in an ongoing project to photograph landscapes and portraits along the entire length of the river.  This work has been exhibited in one-man shows in New York City at MV Gallery and a The Beacon Institute in Beacon, NY. Another project, “Windows” has been exhibited in NYC and Connecticut.

With two partners, Matt Stanton and Gene Mayer, Ted launched Cork Factory Films, a full service film/video production company. To access Ted’s film work, link herehttps://corkfactoryfilms.com/

Bob Shell: AAP, What Are They?

UFO illustration by Dean Rosenzweig, copyright 2023
Artwork by Dean Rosenzweig, Copyright 2023

Text by Bob Shell, Copyright 2023


AAP, What Are They?


Everyone has heard of UFOs or Flying Saucers, but what are they? My preferred term is AAP, Anomalous Aerial Phenomena. I prefer this term to UFO, because it makes no assumptions not established by the observations. AAP don’t fly in the sense that our aircraft and rockets do. They lack wings, airfoils, and have no visible means of propulsion. Occasionally they show exhaust behind them, but that is rare. They simple float or hang in the air without any visible means of support. They accelerate instantaneously, to amazing speeds without causing sonic booms, which we cannot do. They make right-angle turns in defiance of inertia. 

And, are they even objects in our normal sense of that concept. They disappear into nothing, appear from nothing, divide into two or more, change shape and size, and don’t show up on ordinary radar. So, it seems they aren’t objects as we think of that word. 

The only part of UFO that’s true is that they are unidentified. We simply don’t know what they are. 

The old term Flying Saucer doesn’t fit, either, because they don’t fly, as above, and are rarely saucer-shaped. 

The term Flying Saucer was coined by newspapers after Kenneth Arnold’s sighting near Mt Ranier in 1947. Arnold was piloting a small plane when he saw a formation of AAPs flying at phenomenal speed (he estimated 14,000 mph). He said they moved “like a saucer skipping over water,” a common observation of AAPs. This “accelersate and glide” movement has been observed many times. 

But Arnold never said they were saucer-shaped. He said they moved like saucers. The things he saw were crescent-shaped. Newspapermen stuck us with an erroneous name. Unfortunately, this catchy name stuck for a long time. 

AAP come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but are rarely actually saucer-shaped. 

Back in the early 1970’s I had a very clear daytime AAP sighting. My wife and I were living on an old farm with no close neighbors. The old farmhouse was on the side of a hill overlooking a shallow valley. We were sitting on the front porch on a warm, sunny summer day, when movement in the corner of my eye caught my attention. 

When I looked up, I saw a shiny metallic cigar-shaped something slowly crossing the sky. It is very difficult to judge the size of things with no point of reference, but I could tell this thing was quite large. I ran inside the house and grabbed my good 7 X 35 German binoculars and looked at it through them. It was externally featureless, appearing to have a shiny metal skin like polished aluminum with no windows or other external features. As it slowly traversed the sky we noticed a weird phenomenon. Nature had gone absolutely silent. Before this thing appeared birds were chirping, grasshoppers were rasping, tree leaves were rustling in the breeze, all the normal natural sounds of summer in the country. All that ceased — stopped dead. The silence was eerie, spooky, and the hair on the back of my neck stood up. 

When the thing had gone about a third of the way from horizon to horizon, a blinding white beam like a searchlight shone down from about its middle, brighter than the sun, onto things I couldn’t see because of a small ridge across the valley. That light shone down for maybe fifteen seconds or so, then went out. 

The thing wasn’t directly overhead. We were viewing it at about a sixty degree angle above the far horizon. It moved silently and majestically across the sky from my left to my right, until it disappeared behind the tree line. Once it had gone all of the sounds started again as though nothing had interrupted them. 

In those days you could call the air traffic controllers in the tower of the Roanoke airport. I called them and asked if they knew of any air traffic in my area, but they said there was none. 

I reported the sighting to NICAP, but never heard anything more about it. It was a very dramatic event and remains burned into my memory all these years later. 

In all the years since, when anyone asked me if I was a UFO believer, I answered that I was not a believer, I was a knower. I know AAP exist, but I don’t claim to know what they are. 

That was not my first or only experience with AAP. A few years earlier, around 1971, I was on my way late at night from Roanoke, Virginia to Washington, DC. I was in my mid-twenties and didn’t own a car at the time, so I was riding on a Greyhound bus, sitting toward the front on the righthand side. As we headed east across the northern Virginia countryside toward Washington, it was clear but very dark outside. I looked to the southeast and saw three very large somethings hovering over the hills. The things themselves were invisible, black or very dark against the night sky, but appeared spherical and were covered with colored lights that were blinking on and off in what appeared to be random patterns. I watched, spellbound, for a few minutes. They didn’t move, appeared to be hovering stationary over the hills. There was a moderate wind blowing as I could see from the motion of the trees, but these things weren’t moved by it. To me that ruled out some sort of gigantic balloons. I got up and walked forward and called the bus driver’s attention to them. The other few passengers appeared to be asleep, so I didn’t bother them. 

The driver slowed to look and said, “What the hell is that?” in amazement. I wanted him to stop so we could get a better look, but he said he couldn’t unless it was a genuine emergency, and he didn’t consider it one, so we continued on our way at a slower speed, watching them until I lost sight of the things behind us. As far as I could tell, they didn’t move at all.

Interstate 66 hadn’t been built yet, so we were traveling on two-lane blacktop roads, and at times roadside trees hid the AAP but when visibility was restored, they were still hanging there. I’d guess they were visible for fifteen minutes or more. I knew some of the people at NICAP, so I filed a report of the incident with them the following day, noting the time and bus number. I may have known the driver’s name and put it in my report, but if so I’ve forgotten it over the years. 

My interest in AAP goes back to my teens. My late father, Jim Shell, was a television news reporter for WSLS TV, Channel Ten, in Roanoke. He’d spent all of WW II in San Francisco in one of the coastal defense batteries, set up to defend the San Francisco Bay from Japanese submarines. Even in the 1950’s, San Francisco was a hotbed of what were called hipsters, and beatniks, the beat generation. 

My father became a Freemason and Rosicrucian, and raised his three children free from the mental shackles of established religion. I am ever thankful for that gift he gave me. 

In the mid-1960’s there was a major “UFO flap” in the little town of Wytheville, Virginia (pronounced ‘With-vul’ by the locals). This event was included peripherally in an X Files episode. 

Briefly, for over a year scores of residents of the Wytheville area saw flying triangles, large, triangular-shaped things that flew around above them. There was one place where people parked to watch them, seeing them almost every night. 

Most of the media other than the local newspaper dismissed the whole thing, but my father took it seriously. He went to Wytheville and interviewed numerous eyewitnesses, and reported about the events on his newscasts. 

Interestingly, similar triangular AAP were seen over Belgium at the same time, and reported in European media. Then, as abruptly as it started, it ended. The triangles were seen no more and most people filed it all away in some dark corner of their minds or simply forgot about it. 

My father got a bunch of UFO books when he was researching the Wytheville events. I read them all, and was convinced there was something real going on. 

Those events, and others I may write about one day, confirmed for me that we humans share this planet with “others,” who have technology far beyond anything we have even dreamed of. Who or what they are I do not know, but I have my ideas. 

Recently, I saw a TV report that said that NASA scientists believe there is evidence of an earlier prehuman civilization. 

They have been called ultraterrestrials and hyperterrestrials by some researchers. 

Although many books and articles state that the AAP began with Kenneth Arnold’s 1947 sighting, that is simply wrong. Sightings of AAP date back as far as recorded history. Whatever they are, they’ve been with us since we became human, if not before. 

I’ll write more about AAP and my personal experiences with them as time allows. I’d be interested in hearing from others with personal AAP experiences. I’m currently writing a sequel to my 2019 book ‘Cosmic Dance’ and intend to include a chapter on AAP.


About The Author: Bob Shell is a professional photographer, author, former editor in chief of Shutterbug Magazine and veteran contributor to this blog. He is currently serving a 35 year sentence for involuntary manslaughter for the death of Marion Franklin, one of his former models.  He is serving the 13th year of his sentence at Pocahontas State Correctional Facility, Virginia. To read additional articles by Bob Shell link here: https://tonyward.com/bob-shell-images-and-artificial-intelligence/

A.H. Scott: Grab ‘Em By The P-Word

Hang Mike Pence Illustration by Thomcat23
Hang Mike Pence. Artwork by Thomcat23 Copyright 2023

Text by A.H. Scott,  Copyright 2023


Grab ‘Em By The P-Word


Oh, it’s a five letter word. But, it ain’t the one you’re thinking.

This word is the baileywick of the flame that is oh so lame, Mr. Michael J. Pence. 

Pious is he – oh yes that p-word fits thee. 

Three words were like a hymn of the goons who stormed the capital, as cherishing you was not their endgame. It was Hang Mike Pence, which proved they were not undecided or on the fence. 

You can come with bible in hand and catechism memorized upon your tongue.

Yet, from the perch of the persnickety citrus chief, it is his former second in command’s neck which he wished were wrung.

But, there is another p word that fits the man from the ticket of 2016. 

P for Pence.

Pious is he, as his running mate tossed around a casual slang of carnalitv for kitty.

He prays and he preys. Yet, that was and is still the turgid ticket. Whether together or separate on the ballot, they are consecrated in an ideology of convenience.

So snide, so sly, and the rest of us our souls be damned. Yet, that’s the bucket of lies and hypocrisy that they carry through the days and nights of their queasy quest to take the White House once again.

One would figure with all that fawning and swooning and over the mooning you’ve done for him, there would be a just reward for you. Well, I guess a gallows would take the place of gold cross and rosary beads as your reward. 3 words exemplified where you stood and stand in the calculated eyes of your former running mate. 

From what I can glean about the Republican primary voter in this political season, they sure as anything are not craving a savior riding a white horse. Even if you traded a steed for a white rabbit, they still wouldn’t choose you over the man you were once on a ticket with. And, for that, even your Karen (Mrs. Pence) couldn’t pen a tale about a family hare attaining victory in the race you have chosen to toss your hat into. 

Many may applaud Mike Pence for doing his constitutional duty. But, it seems that wasn’t from his core that led the former Vice-President to do the right thing; but, almost to the extent of his actions being a fluke. Let’s see things clearly and realize it took two other adults to implant the backbone that was needed. It was former Vice-President J. Danforth Quayle and Judge J. Michael Luttig who seemed to be what propelled Pence to come to the conclusion that there was no way he could backtrack or bastardize the certification of the slate of electors. 

 As his running mate on that 2020 ticket made the decision to say that they won that election in those early morning hours post-election day, Mike Pence never pushed back on that damnable lie. When launching his own presidential bid for 2024, Pence is acting as if we are all living with amnesia over his culpability of silence during those days from November 2020 to January 2021 and beyond. 

You ain’t the man, Mike. Never were and never will be. As long as Trump can thump and trample every other candidate in the race, your phony virtue compared to his treachery is something that is so easy to replace. 

A diluted copy is what you are, as MAGA wants the real thing; which is an entity void of false humility and a rogue lacking of shame or disgrace. 

Even with that 37 count indictment[1] slapdown from the Feds in a Miami courthouse, the unapologetic former thug in chief hasn’t backed down from his obfuscations to forth hence. 

Pious is passé – as are you, Mr. Pence!

Now, you go out and try to find some primary voters that wanna’ be grabbed by that p-word!

“Grab ‘Em By The P=Word”


A.H. Scott 

“Grab ‘Em By The P-Word” – THE FOOTNOTES: 

1.- US_v_Trump-Nauta_23-80101 – U.S. Department of Justice 



Portrait of A.H. Scott poet and writer based in New York City
A.H. Scott


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A.H. Scott is a poet and essayist based in New York City and is a veteran contributor to this blog.  To access additional articles by A.H. Scott, click here: https://tonyward.com/a-h-scott-free-reign/

George Krause: Quality Time With a Legend

Legendary photographers George Krause and Tony Ward sit together
Photo of George Krause and Tony Ward courtesy of W. Keith McManus, Copyright 2023

Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2023


Quality Time With a Legend


I first met George Krause at an exhibit of his work in 1974 at Photopia Gallery on South Street in Philadelphia.  This was the first time I was introduced to his work and was taken immediately by his mastery of the craft. His early black and white street photography from the 1960’s are included in the canon of photographic history evidenced by his inclusion in the seminal publication in 1973, Looking at Photographs, 100 Pictures from the Collection of The Museum of Modern Art by John Szarkowski, who at the time was the director of photography at the MOMA.

We became friends when I invited him to exhibit his work while I was a graduate student at the Rochester Institute of Technology from 1977 to 1979.  Here is a draft of a letter I sent to George regarding the invitation to exhibit his work at the institute and his response.

Letter to George Krause from Tony Ward 1978
Letter to George Krause from the Tony Ward Archives 1978.


Letter from famous photographer George Krause to Tony Ward
From the archives of Tony Ward 1978

George, now 86 years young called me on the eve of the recent annual Photo Review picnic as he and fellow octogenarians Larry Fink and Neal Slavin were being celebrated at this years event which was held at Haverford College in Haverford, Pa.  On the eve of the celebrated gathering George  mentioned that he was going to visit noted photographer Lawrence Salzmann at his charming home in Powelton Village the day before the picnic. Many thanks to W. Keith McManus for capturing this intimate moment with a dear friend and mentor to many photographers world wide.


To access a gallery of his work and interview I conducted with George Krause in 2018, link here: https://tonywardstudio.com/gallery/george-krause-interview-with-a-legend/