Diary: Portrait of a Jersey Girl


Alison: In her Bedroom

Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2018




I first met Alison at a print shop in Old City, Philadelphia where I used to have custom prints made.  Alison happened to be an employee of the place and I recall seeing her at first behind a computer looking quite busy fixing a customers photograph by using various Photoshop tools at her disposal.  We became more acquainted when she was assigned to edit one of my photos in preparation for an exhibition of my work.  I liked the results and she became the go to person at the printer whenever I needed anything done.  

One day I visited the print shop and was taken by her striking beauty as it was the Spring and she was wearing a short sheer dress with little to no makeup. I immediately transformed Alison in my mind as one of my new models for a project that required the subject wear Victoria’s Secret lingerie.  Since we were already quite friendly and familiar she agreed to model for me at her home just over the Tacony Palmyra Bridge in New Jersey.  She also mentioned that I could select a number of different options from her wardrobe since she was a Victoria’s Secret customer. The casting couldn’t have been more perfect.

When I arrived at her door on the day of the shoot,  she greeted me wearing a simple bath robe slightly open which revealed her beautiful bust line and a well toned figure. As I entered the charming home Alison proceeded to give me a tour of the various rooms we could shoot in. Then we entered the last room of the tour, her tastefully appointed boudoir like master bedroom.  That is where we began this series of memorable pictures. 

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