Ade Jaiye: Flawless

Portrait of Ade Jaiye by Tony Ward, Copyright 2021

Text by Ade Jaiye, Copyright 2021




I am spirit, hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, sharing in this physical experience. so much we have the ability to bring to life with mere vision. but one thing I am well aware of, is that I am not here to stay…  
I am here for the human experience. the freeze frame. the nostalgia. the fluidity. the capture. the expression. the mood. the vibes. the play. the emotion. the vulnerability. the applause. the yes. the no. the thought. the action. the submission. the uncertainty. the dominance. the release. the inspiration. the void. the challenge. the controversy. the revelation. the growth. the evolution. the transformation. the refuge. the truth. the light. the darkness. the possibilities. the mere chance. the love.
For those of us who challenge the voices in our heads on the daily…this one’s for you. You are not the voices in your head. And they are not all your friend. remember, you run this. no matter how big or small your life may seem, You run this. You’re the director of your lifetime series. And this lifetime is not a dress rehearsal. Armor your self with what strengthens and enlivens you. be unapologetic about what makes you, You. embrace yourself, flaws and all. Turns out, what we think are our flaws are what ends up being our or someone else’s saving grace. Believe it or not, we’re in this physical thingy together… again, just breezing through. Pleasure to meet yous. First name’s, the crown (ADE), last name’s, to enjoy life (JAIYE). 
Ade Jaiye  xx
About The Author: Ade Jaiye is a fashion model based in Philadelphia. She currently is the in house model for Joan Shepp, luxury clothing store. She frequently appears on QVC. This is Ade’s first contribution to Tony Ward Studio.

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