Mikel Elam: Painting of the Day


Title: Nine Eight One Two

Painting of the Day:

Artist: Mikel Elam

Mixed Medium on Canvas

Available in Storehttp://tonywardstudio.com/shopping-cart/mikel-elam-paintings/

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TWS: Portrait of the Day


Dyana With Melting Clock Hat

Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017


 Upenn: Photography & Fashion – Highlights


Dyana sat quietly in the back of the class listening intently as the students were engaged in a conversation with Heidi Lee, the remarkably talented hat designer from New York City.  Heidi made the short train ride from New York City to Philadelphia’s 30th St. Station during an evening when it was raining sideways and unseasonably cold.  Undeterred, Ms. Lee began to unpack one by one her artful pieces of handmade millinery that brought her talents into the news and the New York spot lights.  Dyana like the other models that attended the session at the University of Pennsylvania’s Photography & Fashion class was eager to model the unusually designed millinery pieces. 

After Heidi Lee gave her talk about the evolution of her work and her having been honored by a highly bestowed millinery award from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the class broke into groups to photograph models from Main Line Models & Talent, a Philadelphia based agency, wearing the artists masterpieces.  I made this portrait of Dyana as part of lighting demo for the session.


Editor’s Note: Next Photography & Fashion class at the University of  Pennsylvania is being offered in the Fall of 2017.

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Studio News: “Saint Stephen’s” Netflix & Chill


Music Video by St._Ephen. Title: Netflix & Chill




Artist: St._Ephen





St._ephen “Saint Stephen” aka Stephen Levine local artist in the Philadelphia region was  born January 26 , 1993. Son to Marita Coston and Ronald Levine . At  an early age, Stephen was exposed to a range of eclectic music such as Motown and Classic Rock . Inspired by the Grateful Dead from their song St. Stephen; the name was once reborn . He spent summers with his Dad living in Montgomery township, Pennsylvania  and during the earliest part of his school years lived in New Jersey with his Mom  . Ultimately, Stephen spent the remainder of his teen life at Cheltenham High School .

During those years Stephen was introduced to participating in musical productions. Like singing in the high school choir , a cappella  groups , touring ensembles and musicals. After high school he decided to go to Montgomery Community College but decided to take a year off to pursue being a songwriter and an artist in music . “Netflix and Chill” is one of the many songs that Stephen has made over the past year.  Most of his songs are produced by Andrew Meoray and Xave Michael . The video was produced and directed by Joe Schaefer and Marissa Nicole Pina .

It took two days of filming with scenes shot in Dumbo, Brooklyn and  in parts of North Philadelphia. With this video, the directors wanted more of the clashing of colors and specific visual movements . They also tried to capture the natural art of just chilling. The people involved in the production deserves the utmost thanks, gratitude and appreciation. The question what is to come next?

His next single is called; Someone Better, featuring Xave Michael . Also, a full body of work is planned to be released by the summer of 2017. His grandfather’s favorite quote was “Be Ye not , but be prepared” . So whatever life has to bring Stephen aka “Saint Stephen”will surely be ready.

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Diary: Portrait of Alejandra Guerrero


Alejandra Guerrero: Los Angeles 2010.

Photography and Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017


Diary: Portrait of Alejandra Guerrero


My first glimpse of Alejandra Guerrero was at LAX when she picked me up at the airport as  I had just arrived for a three day shoot for Private Media Group.  We exchanged pleasantries at the baggage claim and then proceeded to take the intriguing ride up La Cienega Blvd in route to the Beverly Laurel Motor Hotel, a charming place that I’ve stayed  numerous times in the heart of Los Angeles.  Its close to the galleries I like to visit when I’m in town and to Melrose, where I like to shop, eat and meet with friends. 

Alejandra was assisting me on the project, and we didn’t have a shoot scheduled until the next day so we spent the evening at the hotel getting acquainted by making pictures of each other to commemorate our newly found collaboration and  friendship. Alejandra styled herself for the shoot. Its quite apparent she has amazing taste.


To access previous diary entry: go herehttp://tonywarderotica.com/diary-early-digital-captures/

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Hong Li: Every Cool Kid Will Grow Up


Photography, Interview and Text by Hong Li, Copyright 2016



– What Does Graduate School Give Us?


Rachael is a sophomore student at Drexel University. She is beautiful, young and energetic.

Nothing will beat her until she gives up, well, at least she thinks so. She hates that when people

looking at her and judge her without getting knowing her; She hates that when people

behavioring fool. She is an activist in many ways.

She loves making up, lipsticks are her true loves. She loves tattoos, smoking, and skateboarding.

She expresses her emotion in a quite simple and straightforward way, however sometimes her

expressions are a little too dramatic, which might sometimes dive people crazy, said her


In all, she is a cool girl, both in her friends’ views and herself. But she has an academic goal that

seems very contradict with her characteristic, she has been thinking of getting into Upenn since

she was a freshman. What the life would be in graduate school? Especially in a school that

many people speak highly of. Would it make me even cooler? These are her guesses.

Coral is in her second semester of her Master’s study at PennDesign, she has been suffered a

lot from the study. She doesn’t have time for anything other than study. She said she’s been

trapped in the studio since she got here and almost lost her normal life.

Nowadays, she is already used to life in a simple and easy way. There is less argue, less

annoyance in her life, yet more silence and privacy. When she is free she tends to watch a

movie herself instead hanging out with friends, when she needs to relive her stress she would

go for a bubble bath, etc.

She can feel the micro transformation from youth to grown happening slowly in herself every

day. Recently, she prefers to hide her negative feelings under her peace face because she thinks

everybody is being busy and no one would like to see a lady with a sad face; also, because she is

an adult. As she mentioned, she would only show her nervousness, weakness, ecstasy, even

love, to those people that she is familiar with.

Sometimes pieces of old memories will still come back into Coral’s head, that long time ago, she

was also a girl with strong personality, she was always eager for express, she was stubborn, she

hurt the boy she loved badly, she was unique, she was wired, and she was once a cool kid…



About The Author: Hong Li is a graduate student enrolled in the School of Landscape Architecture, University of Pennsylvania.

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