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A.H. Scott: What Happened to Trump’s Brain?



What Happened to Trump’s Brain?



Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2017


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 1977




He paces with anxiety and mutters to himself alone

Taste for strawberries isn’t on his mind, as two scoops of ice cream or an appetite for meatloaf may give a bit of solace to him in this historic home

Watched in silence are those who dwelled here before he did

Milhous whispers, “Your reputation is on the fast track of outdoing me, kid”

Andrew chuckles, “You don’t even know I was dead before the war began”

Johnson chimes in, “I came up with sounder visions when I was sitting on the can”

JFK dismissively whistles, “Your level of tact can only fill a thimble”

Ronald wisely quips, “Bonzo had more sense than you. And, my personality was ever more nimble”

Clinton says in his Southern drawl, “Call me what you will, but my hands ain’t small”

W. sighs, “So, you wanted to toss dirt on my days in office. Well, my, my, my”

Man who mutters and paces places hands over ears

He makes it clear that these voices isn’t what he wants to hear

Rush of wind blows through the Oval Office doors, as he looks over and sees the man who lived there a few months before

He rubs his eyes and screams, “No, it can’t be you!”

Man from Illinois via Hawaii isn’t standing there in the flesh

Yet, his spirit of brotherhood filled this place of lost happiness

Mutterer grumbles this man’s name like a curse every time it is spoken from his bitter lip, “Oh, so now it’s you. So, what’s your smart-ass quip?”

A voice filled the air and said ever so soberly, “This job ain’t no joke. This is the White House and not some luncheonette casually selling Pepsi or Coke”

Yet, the resident who is now President decided to be a carbonation of resentment

Orange Crush isn’t refreshment

Orange Crush is a man without sanity or attachment

Unlinked from the truth that stares him in the face

Scaffolding of his psyche has vanished without a trace

Signposts of the past can be seen as history to some

Yet, history is alive in the marrow of democracy of today and all the tomorrows to come


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here


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Happy Mother’s Day!



Jean Ward: Happy Mother’s Day!

Photography by Milt Ward, Circa 1960’s


Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017


I remember the beautiful summer days in Atlantic City, New Jersey with my mom when I was just a little boy.  My father, Milt Ward was the family chronicler as he always kept his camera nearby for special occasion’s like this. Seeing my mother with wind blown hair and sand on her skin must have made him glow in the sun as  he witnessed the happiness of his great pride and joy.  Happy Mother’s Day mom and to all of the other great mother’s in the world!

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Diary: Two Girls From St. Petersburg in Paris



Two Girls From St. Petersburg in Paris



Photography & Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017




I was fortunate to meet Natasha on one of my numerous trips to Paris.  This Russian born model with exquisite taste selected a finely tailored (French) pink lingerie ensemble with a short red wig that fit her angular bone structure perfectly.  It was the late 1990’s, a time in which I was producing a series of pictures for my erotic books and Penthouse Magazine.  I met Natasha through a book shop owner that was located in the Marais district. She was already an experienced model by the time we met, having worked with several prominent French photographers I had come to know. Since she was highly recommended by my colleagues, I was confident our collaboration wouldn’t be in vein. Our first meeting was delightful (she spoke excellent English) as we laid the groundwork for what would become several years of collaboration whenever I arrived in town for a book signing, an exhibit or to make new erotic pictures.  She was a muse. On this particular visit, I checked in to the Hotel Regina, one of my favorite places to reside in the 1st Arrondissement. I was shooting for Penthouse. No expense would be sparred with regards to hotel accommodations.  The suites were expensive, but it was well worth the investment. Bob Guccione, owner, publisher of Penthouse, patron of the arts loved the look of rich, and expensive. He would pay handsomely for that look it if he liked your work and you knew how to deliver the goods.

The suite I reserved at the Hotel Regina featured a view of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre which was just across the street and the Tuileries garden.  It had a small balcony where you could step out and affirm that you were in the heart of Paris, as the motorist sped down the famous Rue de Rivoli into the wee hours of the morning.  It was a fitting setting for what would take place in the elegantly appointed 19th century decor environment throughout the day between Natasha and her friend from their hometown in St. Petersburg, Russia.  Angelina, arrived at the suite with long brown hair tied back in a ponytail. She was new to the city of lights and if memory serves me correctly, I was the first photographer to photograph her nude since she was new to photographers who worked within the erotic milieu.  Angelina was a little timid at first. She felt more confident and at ease with her sensuality when Natasha, an experienced nude model, expertly steered her to the extremes of homoerotic pleasure. 


To see more pictures from this series, open a membership account, register here


To access additional Diary entries, go here


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TWS: May 2017



Homepage: May 2017


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017


Model: Sidnie Burton

Agency: Main Line Models & Talent

Location: Margate, New Jersey

Swimwear: Victoria’s Secret

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Sidnie Burton: Breaking All the Rules



Model: Sidnie Burton

Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017.


Text by Sidnie Burton




Some say as you get older you should “act your age”…..dress your age, (age appropriate, etc.)  I’m a model, and in this “young” industry it can be hard to carve out a niche for yourself.  Sure their are age appropriate commercial print and catalog.  But what about fashion, lingerie and swimsuit modeling.  Something not too long ago was….should I say…Taboo!   Telling a particular client my age could be my undoing.  Even though I and others can still pull it off.  Shooting with Tony Ward has taught me a lot about “age appropriate”.  even a lot about myself.  And like Tony said “today’s older women are sexier and in better shape than some women half their age”.  Shooting on the beach of Atlantic City was exhilarating.  And in this particular case….swimsuit modeling,  was “breaking the rules” and stereotypes.  I for one praise the rule breakers in this competitive profession.  And plan to be that rule breaker myself.  If rules were never broken, and stereotypes kept ongoing in their dark place,  instead of being seen as an ancient closed minded way of thinking.  This shoot would, or could never have happened.  I hope to inspire and be testament to women of my age group to never give up on “Sexy”.   So here is to all the rule breakers, trailblazers, and to the photographers with the foresight to set that ball in motion.  Salute!





Model: Sidnie Burton

Agency: Main Line Models & Talent

Bathing Suits: Victoria’s Secret

Jewelry: Betsy Johnson

Sandals: BCBG

Hats: Sun and Sand Headwear, Nine West

Location: Margate, New Jersey

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