A.H. Scott: “Under The Banner of Heaven” (Part 2)

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“Under The Banner of Heaven” (Part 2)


In the second hearing[1] of the January 6th Committee, the unraveling of the Trump Scam Machine begins. 

Overview of the Second Hearing – June 13, 2022

“The Exploiter in Chief, Donald J. Trump!”

Exploitation is nothing new for Donald J. Trump. Toss a Trump steak on the grill, while you swill some Trump wine and all the assortment of tacky products with his name on it can be yours – for a price. See that golden name slapped on the side of a tower or casino that at the snap of a finger could go bust. 

Just think how far a grifter could go if the ultimate exploitation is an insidious poisoning of the root of democracy in the United States of America based all on a whopper of a lie. 

To whine ‘whoa is me’ is what Donald Trump did in using false claims of fraud as the ultimate way of raising hundreds of millions of dollars from his supporters. Over $250 million dollars has been raised off the Big Lie for the benefit of Donald J. Trump. 

Not done out of virtue, but purely as a marketing angle to line his own pockets was the game the former President was running. But, Trump did toss a few crumbs here and there, like the $1 million dollars that found its’ way to former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows’ charitable foundation. 

“The Big Lie was also a big rip off. The former president laid the groundwork for these false claims well in advance of the election.” – Rep. Zoe Lofgren, D-California

President Donald J. Trump and former Mayor Rudolph W. Guiliani have that same hubristic gene, in thinking if something is said with a booming voice and gaze of an eagle, then anyone who hears it will believe it. The power of the con is that innate ability to grease the wheels and pad the palm. 

At the White House on election night in November 2020, a marinated Rudy Guiliani just slobbered a suggestion to the President of the United States to announce to the world. 

“There are suggestions by, I believe it was Mayor Giuliani, to go and declare victory and say that we won it outright.” – Jason Miller, Trump Senior Advisor 

Far from his days of being dubbed ‘America’s Mayor’ when leading New York City in the aftermath of September 11th, Rudy Guiliani has become a living caricature of a clown car drivin’, hyped up, wide-eyed, anything for a buck, conspiracy churner with trails of hair-dye running down his cheeks. 

Bravado took this high-stakes game to another level, as a few words of drunken advice in just saying the Trump 2020 campaign won in those late-night hours of Election Day 2020 began rolling down the highway towards the torrent of rage which unfolded in the halls of the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. 

Trump was tripping the light fantastic with the ‘red mirage’ was an added element in promulgating The Big Lie, as Congresswoman Zoe Lofgren asked the hearing’s witness, former Fox News politics editor Chris Stirewalt. 

Basically, the ‘red mirage’ could be broken down to explain how on an election day it may look like the Republican is in the voting total lead. But, in actuality they are not, based upon the fact that Democrat voters may be counted at a later time due to the type of voting preference which they may use. Thus, the mirage is blown away by early and absentee votes; which are mostly Democrats. 

Trump exploits, as he breathes. Turning the axiom of if there’s a will there’s a way upside down to making a way is how I will do it, always seems to be how Donald J. Trump operates. Mirage, be damned, as he crystallized a quirk to bend to his vision of what reality should be. 

“But that’s because no candidate had ever tried to avail themselves of this quirk in the election counting system. We had gone to pains – and I’m proud of the pains we went to – to make sure that we were informing viewers that this was going to happen, because the Trump campaign and the President had made it clear that they were going to try to exploit this anomaly.” – Chris Stirewalt, former Fox political editor

As Fox News Channel called the state of Arizona for candidate Joe Biden, the rage that Trump and his minions had towards the network’s politics editor had led to Mr. Stirewalt’s firing. Nonetheless, that single call for the Democrat Biden at the hub of right-wing media would in a normal world seem the final nail in the Republican Trump’s political coffin. 

“So we knew it would be a consequential call because it was one of five states that really mattered, right? Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona were the ones that we were watching. We knew it would be significant to call any one of those five, but we already knew Trump’s chances were very small and getting smaller based on what we had seen. So we were able to make the call early. We were able to beat the competition. We looked around the room, everybody says yea, and on we go. And by the time we found out how much everybody was freaking out and losing their minds over this call we were already trying to call the next state.” – Chris Stirewalt, former Fox political editor 

But, damn, like a caped, night-crawling, bloodsucker, Trump proved how far from a normal political character he truly was. And, as he moans in the present moment about running for Presidential office for 2024 – is proving he is an inhabitant on the avenue of abnormality.  

Overview of Third Hearing – June 16, 2022

“Upturning Democracy?” 

The third([2] hearing of the January 6th Committee went straight to the heart of President Trump’s pressure campaign on his vice-President to overturn the election using John Eastman’s coup memo. 

“A stake was driven through the heart of American democracy on January 6, 2021, and our democracy today is on a knife’s edge.” – Judge J. Michael Luttig, June 16, 2022[3]

In the conservative legal echelon, there is Judge J. Michael Luttig, retired judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. He’s been described as a ‘conservatives conservative’. 

One person who has clerked for Judge Luttig had been John “Coup Pusher” Eastman. With that connection, it might seem that the Judge would be in line with the theories of his former clerk. Yet, J. Michael Luttig is not just a man who head-nods with a person just because of their judicial ideology. 

Between January 4th and January 6th, Judge Luttig posted a tweet in response to learning that Vice-President Pence was being worked over by John Eastman to use his position to overturn the election. 

“The only responsible power of the vice president under the Constitution is to faithfully count the Electoral College votes as they have been cast. The Constitution does not empower the vice president to alter in any way the votes that have been cast.” – Judge J. Michael Luttig, January 5th, 2021[4]

Having not spoken to the Vice-President Mike Pence before the historic events of January 6th, Judge Luttig received a personal call of thanks from Pence on the morning of January 7th, 2021. 

Judge J. Michael Luttig’s testimony before the January 6th Committee on June 16th, 2022 exemplified with caution and sobriety just how off the tracks of constitutionality[5]  the orchestration of Eastman, Trump, et. al would take our country. 

Even as I write this article, it still blows my mind each and every day of how close to the cliff of democracy we actually were. And, still are with the fascistic underpinnings of former President of the United States Donald J. Trump and his acolytes across the nation. 

“Donald Trump and his allies and supporters are a clear and present danger to American democracy.” – Judge J. Michael Luttig, June 16, 2022[6]

One day after Judge Luttig testified at the hearing on June 16th, 2022, former President Donald J. Trump spoke at the Faith & Freedom event in Nashville.

And, without skipping a beat, the bully went on a boorish tirade on this distinguished legal scholar, as the ignorance flowed from his lips. 

“So they said he couldn’t do it. Had no choice. It was a hundred percent. Even happened with his guy, Luttig, whoever the hell Luttig is. It’s a former judge. And he was saying, “Pence had no choice”, then why do they want legislation so that a vice president can’t do? And all I wanted them to do was send it to the legislatures.” – President Donald J. Trump, June 17th, 2022[7]

If for once, Trump had actually known who J. Michael Luttig was; he’d shut his mouth for the sake of not coming off like such an ass. But, then again, an ass is an ass and shall forever be just that. 

“The entire Republican Party needs to get tough and take the radical lefts crusade against our culture head on. These people are at war with Western civilization. They’re at war with science. They’re at war with truth, reason, and common sense and in a very, very, real way, they are at war with morality itself. Not moral. What they’re doing is just destroying everything, every fiber of our country.” – Donald J. Trump, June 17th, 2022

As he speaks so blisteringly about morality, the former President should remember a California jurist’s legal finding about he and John Eastman’s conduct during the concocted plan to overturn the 2020 election based on corruption and obstruction. In fact, in Judge David Carter’s ruling, he said exactly that point of Trump and Eastman knowing ‘the illegality[8] of the plan was obvious’.

Noted in his 44 page ruling of March 28th, 2022, United States District Judge of California David O. Carter showed two instances of President Donald J. Trump and John Eastman’s felonious doings: 

#1 – Based on the evidence, the Court finds it more likely than not that President Trump corruptly attempted to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021.

#2 – Based on the evidence, the Court finds that it is more likely than not that President Trump and Dr. Eastman dishonestly conspired to obstruct the Joint Session of Congress on January 6, 2021.

It could have been so easy for Trump’s second in command to just do his bidding on that January day in 2021 and America would be going through the second term of the Trump administration under a militaristic framework to keep us all in line. Yet, it would no longer be democracy, the American way. It would be autocracy, the Trump way. 

“No Vice President in American history has ever asserted such authority.”240 Every American, and certainly the President of the United States, knows that in a democracy, leaders are elected, not installed.” – Vice-President Mike Pence

Overview of Fourth Hearing – June 21, 2022

“Electors R’ Us” 

In the fourth[9] hearing, the January 6th Committee focused on the insidious plan to switch the legally certified electors with a fake slate of electors to be certified. Trump was trying to rig the electoral game he’d already lost into his own favor. 

Representative Andy Biggs, who was scraping for a pardon from President Trump, called the Speaker of the Arizona House on January 6th to get him to support the decertification of electors from their state. When Rusty Bowers refused to do so, the vicious smearing of the Speaker of the House in Arizona began. 

“We have various groups come by and they have had video panel trucks with videos of me proclaiming me to be a pedophile and a pervert and a corrupt politician and blaring loudspeakers in my neighborhood and leaving literature both on my property, and – but arguing and threatening with neighbors and with myself. And I don’t know if I should name groups, but there was a – one gentleman that had the three bars on his chest. And he had a pistol and was threatening my neighbor. Not with the pistol, but just vocally. When I saw the gun, I knew I had to get close. And at the same time, on some of these we had a daughter who is gravely ill, who is upset by what was happening outside. And my wife that is a valiant person, very, very strong, quiet, very strong woman. So it was disturbing. It was disturbing.” –Rusty Bowers, Republican Speaker of the Arizona House of Representatives

During that call when Trump was sniffing around for 11,780 votes from Georgia, he added a not so subtle threat of an accusation of a crime to the man on the other end of the line, Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger. 

“It’s more illegal for you than it is for them. Because you know what they did and you’re not reporting it. That’s a – you know, that’s a criminal – that’s a criminal offense. And you know, you can’t let that happen. That’s – that’s a big risk to you and to Ryan, your lawyer. And that’s a big risk.” – President Donald J. Trump

And, of course, if the innuendo during a phone call with the Secretary of State wasn’t draining enough, those in that voluminous sphere of Trumpworld made sure to make Raffensperger feel the venom from not doing the President’s bidding of finding those 11,780 votes. 

“Well, after the – after the election, my email, my cell phone was docked. And, so I was getting texts all over the country. And then eventually my wife started getting the text and hers typically came in sexualized attacks which were disgusting. You have to understand that Trish and I, we met in high school. We’ve married over 40 years now. And so they started going after her I think just to probably put pressure on me. Why don’t you just quit walk away. And so that happened. And then some people broke into my daughter in law’s home and my son has passed and she’s widow and has two kids. And so we’re very concerned about her safety also.” – Brad Raffensperger, Republican Secretary of State of Georgia

Chief Operating Officer Sterling had made a plea during the first two weeks of January 2021 to the President via a news conference in Georgia: 

“Mr. President, it looks like you likely lost the state of Georgia. We’re investigating. There’s always a possibility – I get it, and you have the rights to go to the courts. What you don’t have the ability to do, and you need to step up and say this, is stop inspiring people to commit potential acts of violence. Someone’s going to get hurt, someone’s going to get shot, someone’s going to get killed, and it’s not right. I – I – it’s not right.” – Gabriel Sterling, Chief Operating Officer of Georgia Secretary of State’s office

During that hour long phone call with Raffensperger, a new target of Trump’s rage was put on blast for the right-wing’s scorn. Her name was Ruby Freeman, an innocent, election worker in Fulton County, Georgia. 

“We had at least 18,000. That’s on tape. We had them counted very painstakingly, 18,000 voters having to do with the Ruby Freeman. That’s – she’s a vote scammer, a professional vote scammer and hustler.” – President Donald J. Trump

Yet in the eyes of Trash-Mouth Trump and his Goon Guiliani, she’s the perfect embodiment of what they figure a criminal probably is. Birds of bigotry flock together. Just sayin’!

“Tape earlier in the day of Ruby Freeman and Shaye Freeman Moss and one other gentleman quite obviously surreptitiously passing around USB ports as if they are vials of heroin or cocaine. I mean, it’s our – it’s obvious to anyone who’s a criminal investigator or prosecutor they are engaged in surreptitious illegal activity again that day, and that’s a week ago, and they’re still walking around Georgia lying. They should have been – they should have been – should have been questioned already. Their places of work, their homes, should have been searched for evidence of ballots.” – Rudy Guiliani, former Mayor of New York City 

Yeah, Rudy! Just toss out any old crap against the wall – no matter how shady and underhanded it is. I mean, African-Americans in this country being protected under the 4th amendment in not having an undue search of their homes don’t matter. No search warrant, just go on in. Just as long as it makes Trump feel better in getting to the bottom of a lie. Constitutional protection for other citizens of the United States, be damned. 

Wandrea “Shaye” Moss and her mother, Ruby Freeman, former election workers in Fulton County, Georgia, had been just a couple of regular Americans. Not looking for the spotlight or craving it in any way, these two women of true conviction and character came under the vicious glare of the Big Lie. 

Unlike the elected officials who had been threatened and were able by virtue of their position to have around the clock security details; Shaye and Ruby were on their own in keeping themselves safe from harm. 

Even with the FBI contacting Ruby Freeman that she should exit her home because of a valid threat to her safety that the bureau had gotten wind of; there had been no formal or informal FBI detail assigned to either her or her daughter. 

Known by family and friends in her community in Fulton County, Georgia, “Lady Ruby” Freeman was a mainstay at a local kiosk selling goods and being an election worker to assist members of her community. For her daughter, Shaye, she also was an election worker with a caring way and big heart that assisted members of their community in each election. 

For over the next two months, Lady Ruby had to stay away from her home and find somewhere else to live for her safety. 

The danger of what the Big Lie was doing to these election workers in Georgia had spread to someone not in the line of Trump’s verbal fire. 

First, they came for Ruby

Then, they came for Shaye.

Lastly, they came for Grandmother.

“I received a call from my grandmother. This woman is my everything. I’ve never even heard her or seen her cry ever in my life. And she called me screaming at the top of her lungs, like, “Shaye, Shaye, oh my gosh, Shaye.” Just freaking me out saying that there are people at her home and they, you know, they knocked on the door and of course she opened it seeing who was there, who it was. And they just started pushing their way through, claiming that they were coming in to make a citizen’s arrest. They needed to find me and my mom. They knew we were there. And she was just, like, screaming and didn’t know what to do. And, I wasn’t there. So, you know, I just felt so helpless and so horrible for her.” – Wandrea “Shaye” Moss, American Citizen, June 21, 2022

President Donald J. Trump, a man with all the power in the world, never lifts up anyone. This pompous being crushes those who are not even on his level of prominence with a sadistic scowl and hate. For what that resident of Florida has wrought upon the lives of a mother and daughter from Georgia may anything he considers to be his soul haunt him every night when he lays that fluff of orange upon a pillow.

“There is nowhere I feel safe. Nowhere. Do you know how it feels to have the President of the United States to target you? The President of the United States is supposed to represent every American, not to target one. But he targeted me, Lady Rudy, a small business owner, a mother, a proud American citizen who stand up to help Fulton County run an election in the middle of the pandemic.” – Ruby Freeman, American Citizen, June 21, 2022

Overview of Fifth Hearing – June 22, 2022

“Will You Be My New Roy Cohn?”

In the fifth[10] hearing of the January 6th Committee, the search for a bagman was in need to do the dirty work of using the power of the Justice Department as a cajole to elevate the Big Lie. 

President Trump was sniffing around the Justice Department, looking for anyone to be his Roy Cohn. The latter, having been a lawyer in the 1950’s with less than a reputable career and a mentor of sorts to Donald. Yet, Roy Cohn’s key asset that was most admirable to the former real estate tycoon was an ability to give a public showing of complete loyalty to his clients. Trump wanted loyalty at all costs, no matter what.

Pennsylvania Representative Scott Perry, another one of the people who wanted a pardon, was the person who urged White House Chief of Staff to elevate Jeffrey Clark at the Justice Department. 

Clark’s self-image must be quite high, as he refers to himself in third person. It’s probably why he thought it would be a snap to just take the reins at Trump’s DOJ.

“Jeff Clark was proposing that Jeff Rosen be replaced by Jeff Clark. And I thought the proposal was asinine.” – Eric Herschmann, White House Counsel

Yet, even with Rep. Perry’s persistence and Trump’s eagerness to make Jeffrey Clark the next Acting Attorney General, none of these three men could imagine the pushback from another trio of appointees at the Justice Department. 

Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen, Assistant Attorney General Richard Donoghue, and Steven Engel of the Office Of Legal Counsel, were the men who testified before the January 6th Committee on June 22nd, 2022.

With the President of the United States pressing forward in pursuit of debunked theories, he made contact with Acting Attorney General Jeff Rosen in those weeks before January 6th. 

“At a number of points, he raised requests that I meet with his campaign counsel, Mr. Giuliani. At one point, he raised the — whether the Justice Department would file a lawsuit in the Supreme Court. At a couple of junctures, there were questions about making public statements or about holding a press conference. At one of the later junctures was this issue of sending a letter to state legislatures in Georgia or other states. And so there were different things raised at different parts or different intervals with the common theme being his dissatisfaction about what the Justice Department had done to investigate election fraud.” – Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen, Trump Administration

Mr. Rosen’s second in command, was far, more blunt on Trump’s chosen one, Jeffrey Clark’s qualifications for the top job. 

“I made the point that Jeff Clark is not even competent to serve as the Attorney General. He’s never been a criminal attorney. He’s never conducted a criminal investigation in his life. He’s never been in front of a jury, much less a trial jury. And he kind of retorted by saying, well, I’ve done a lot of very complicated appeals in civil litigation, environmental litigation, and things like that. And, I said, that’s right. You’re an environmental lawyer, how about you go back to your office and we’ll call you when there’s an oil spill.” – Assistant Attorney General Richard Donoghue, Trump Administration 

President Trump could have really cared less about an in-depth investigation. He only wanted the appearance of an investigation by the Department of Justice in announcing what they were going to do in the form of a letter sent to various Secretaries of State around the country. Just give ‘em a whiff and everything will go as Trump planned.

To wake-up Donald J. Trump from his fever dream of having Jeffrey Clark take over the Justice Department and doing his bidding, Steven Engel laid the stark reality out for the former reality TV star.

“I think when the president – my recollection is that when the president turned to me and said, Steve, you wouldn’t leave, would you, I said, Mr. President, I’ve been with you through four attorneys general, including two acting as attorney general, but I couldn’t be part of this. And then the other thing that Is aid was that, you know, look, all anyone is going to sort of think about when they see this – no one is going to read this letter.

All anyone is going to think is that you went through two attorneys general in two weeks until you found the environmental guy to sign this thing. And so, the story is not going to be that the Department of Justice has found massive corruption that would have changed the result of the election. It’s going to be the disaster of Jeff Clark. And I think at that point Pat Cipollone said, yeah, this is a murder suicide pact, this letter.” – Steven Engel, Office of Legal Counsel

These three men, Mr. Rosen, Mr. Donoghue, and Mr. Engel – all of them are Republicans appointed by President Donald J. Trump. If they could have done what he was asking for and know it would be something legitimate, then they would have done what he was pushing. Yet, even they didn’t go down that road of acquiescing to Trump’s desire to place Jeffrey Clark at the helm of the Justice Department. 

“Let me also today make a broader statement to millions of Americans who put their trust in Donald Trump. In these hearings so far, you’ve heard from more than a dozen Republicans who’ve told you what actually happened in the weeks before January 6th. You will hear from more in the hearings to come. Several of them served Donald Trump in his Administration, others in his campaign. Others have been conservative Republicans for their entire careers. It can be difficult to accept that President Trump abused your trust, that he deceived you. Many will invent excuses to ignore that fact. But that is a fact. I wish it weren’t true, but it is.” – Co-Chair Liz Cheney, R-Wyoming, June 22nd, 2022

Oh, and speaking of Mr. John Eastman and Mr. Jeffrey Clark, each has pled the fifth; with Eastman taking it in tandem with some cock-eyed version of Executive Privilege added into the mix. I have little doubt that former President Donald J. Trump will soon have amnesia over any connection to either of these two people. When push comes to shove, Donnie T. always does the shoving. 

“Trump knew he lost. Those who say the election was affected by widespread voter fraud are lying. They were lying in 2020, they were lying in 2021, and indeed they are lying today. Donald Trump went to court. That’s the right any candidate seeking to challenge the outcome of an election must do. Donald Trump lost in court dozens and dozens of [times]. He lost in part because there was no evidence that voter fraud had any impact on the results of the election.” – Chairman Bennie Thompson, D-MS, June 22nd, 2022

Ringleader of the pernicious parade is still at it and has not gone away, as the balmy winds of June wind down into 2020’s mid-summer sway. 

“It’s no longer enough for conservatives just to point out the extremism of the left. We have to do something about it. We talk. We have to do something about it. I was doing something about it. We were really doing something about it after the election and then we had that result. As president, I was proud to issue the world’s first ever ban on critical race theory in September of 2020. I also created the 1776 commission so that our nation’s children would learn to love America as much as we do. Biden repeal those executive orders that aggressively pushed, woke, left wing racism into every part of government from the department of education to the US military where I had just ended it. It was ended. Under Republican Congress, we will ban critical race theory once and for all. Under the next Republican president, any institution that seeks to implement these racist theories should be charged with a violation of federal civil rights law.” – President Donald J. Trump, June 17th, 2022[7]

The words of Donald John Trump are not that of a defeated president who lost in November 2020; but, a man who is in the present and future political mix. 

Hence, when he and Illinois Rep. Mary Miller are at a campaign rally together on Saturday, June 25th, 2022, she stands before Trump and lauds him with congratulatory words about the overturning[11] of Roe v. Wade, due to the three Supreme Court Justices he put in place to make up the majority, it proves the quiet part is said out loud from her smiling lips. 

“President Trump, on behalf of all the MAGA patriots in America. I want to thank you for the historic victory for white life in the Supreme Court,” – Rep. Mary Miller, R-IL, June 25th, 2022[12]

Under the banner of heaven, democracy’s liquidation is in motion beneath the fringe of darkness. 



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For more in-depth reading, I’ve included more information on the list of subpoenaed witnesses for the January 6th Committee below: 



Ali Alexander

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Stop the Steal, LLC



William Stepien (Trump 2020 Campaign Manager)

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Angela McCallum

John Eastman

Michael Flynn 

Bernard Kerik (former New York City Police commissioner, during the administration of New York City Mayor Rudolph W. Guiliani)



Jeffrey Clark – environmental lawyer at Justice Department that was tapped by Trump as part of fraud scheme



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About The Author: A. H. Scott is a poet and essayist that hails from New York City and is veteran contributor to Tony Ward’s blog.  If you missed Part 1 of “Under The Banner of Heaven”, click herehttps://tonyward.com/under-the-banner-of-heaven-part-1/ 

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