Milton White: I See I Like I Buy

Portrait of fashion consultant Milton White wearing KVaughn white scarve.
Milton White wears KVaughn Winter Collection 2924. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Text by Milton White, Copyright 2023


I See I Like I Buy


Picture this, it was during the 1996 Christmas Holiday season. While sitting with one of my favorite bartender’s, Dominic, at Mia’s Restaurant at the Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia, a tall enthusiastic guy entered the bar area with a bag, greeting Dominic as if they knew each other for years. After a brief introduction, Kvaughn opened his bag pulling out scarf after scarf, after scarf. There was one scarf that stood out to me, that I had to have. It was a festive black organza embossed with sparkling martini glasses and bubbles reminding me of champagne. I wore it with my New Year’s Eve outfit that year. I was hooked from there. The following year, I purchased not only for myself, but for family and friends as gifts.
Soon after, I sought Kvaughn throughout the year for different events that I attended. There are two occasions that come to mind.
In 2000, I attended a birthday celebration for Senator Hillary Clinton in New York, first a small private function, then a much larger event at a theater on Broadway. I happened to be wearing a blue Armani suit, lavender shirt and tie with a Kvaughn original, a multi-colored sequined scarf offsetting the color of the combination. During the intermission, as I approached President Clinton, Christian Slater stopped me to say that I looked amazing…I am sure it was because of the scarf! By the way, I never got to President Clinton because the intermission came to an end.
I lost touch with Kvaughn, due to my schedule. I lived in Manhattan and worked in Atlanta at that time. On one of my visits back to Philly, this is also one of Kvaughn’s favorite recollections, I was strolling along Walnut Street, wearing olive green Versace turtleneck with Versace couture jeans accompanied with a long velvet maroon/silver iridescent original by Kvaughn, when we ran into each other. I told him that I had been looking for him, because I needed to add to my collection. I took him to Del Frisco’s for cocktails so that we could catch up. 
I was exposed to fashion and style at an early age. My parents exuded style. They never stepped outside the front door without being impeccably dressed whether for casual occasions or in party attire. After sitting down to dinner with the family, Dad would put on his smoking jacket and retire to the living room for family time. They dressed my sisters and I in the latest fashions of the day. When I was allowed to pick out my own clothes and it was met with approval, I felt that my mission was accomplished. My style and accessories during my school years were, one might say, impressive.
I attended Northeastern University in Boston, and after my freshman year I moved to a townhouse in the South End with a designer friend from Philadelphia who graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in NYC, and his friend. During this period, I met other designers and models, both print and runway. Newbury Street was full of clothing stores. Finding Louis, Boston, rated Best Men’s Store in America at the time, was like hearing the Angels sing as I crossed the threshold. How does an 18-year-old know how to select a haberdashery? I found select suits, ascots, and other items that truly set me apart from the college male style. As Special Assistant to the Director of the African American Institute, planning events and hosting them, I had to look my best. One year, while still at the school, I was recruited to walk the catwalk at a fashion show and stole the show.
Moving to NYC gave me another glimpse of the world of fashion. Working at Just Above Midtown (JAM) Art Gallery on West 57th Street, Linda Goode-Bryant, Curator, introduced me to an array of artists, celebrities, and collectors. Fast forward 2001, the week after 9/11, I met Delores Aitenfisu who happened to be on the Board at JAM while I was there. Delores had her own company, D. Scott Events and I was asked to join her in planning fundraising galas for Young Audiences, which were Black Tie.
Travels to Rome, Positano and to the Islands, further enhanced my passion to accessorize my style.
I will leave you with this:
Diamonds, Pearls, Scarves = Tiffany’s, Chanel, Kvaughn 
Portrait of fashion consultant Milton White photo: Tony Ward
Milton White. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023.


About The Author: 
Milton White is a fashion aficionado, collector and consultant.  He is currently creative assistant to KVaughn Studio. 

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