News: New Studio/Gallery Construction Update


Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2022


New Studio/Gallery Construction Update


Over the past few months significant progress has been made in the construction of the new studio/gallery being built at the enclave in Elkins Park.  I learned a lot about construction over this period of time thanks to my neighbor and friend, Joe Harkins whose taken up the role of construction supervisor, ever since I began the project in the Spring of this year.  Joe is a 78 year old retiree who for many years served the neighbors in our community as a master plumber.  Little did I know he also excelled outside of his mastery of plumbing when he proudly proclaimed that he single handedly built an addition on his home and a 30ft two car garage all by himself with a hammer, nails and a hand saw in the early 1970’s.  Joe is the type of man who likes to keep busy and enjoys teaching me the ropes about building a solid structure.  

As you can see in these construction photographs the positioning of the front entrance is designed to maximize the beauty of the natural light that will pore into the studio at particular times of the afternoon and early evening.  This will provide me and any  photographer that uses the new space for shoots the luxury of working with natural light.  

In the coming days, my assistant on the framing of the project, photographer Brian Hunt from Etimo Photo will be  stopping by to make final preparations for staging of  the delivery of nine 33 ft long roof trusses that will be arriving from a mill in New Jersey by flatbed truck. There have been many fulfilling moments that have taken place since I embarked on this journey.  Putting on the roof in the next few days might just be the most thrilling moment to come. We are on schedule to open in the Spring!


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