A.H. Scott: Grab ‘Em By The P-Word

Hang Mike Pence Illustration by Thomcat23
Hang Mike Pence. Artwork by Thomcat23 Copyright 2023

Text by A.H. Scott,  Copyright 2023


Grab ‘Em By The P-Word


Oh, it’s a five letter word. But, it ain’t the one you’re thinking.

This word is the baileywick of the flame that is oh so lame, Mr. Michael J. Pence. 

Pious is he – oh yes that p-word fits thee. 

Three words were like a hymn of the goons who stormed the capital, as cherishing you was not their endgame. It was Hang Mike Pence, which proved they were not undecided or on the fence. 

You can come with bible in hand and catechism memorized upon your tongue.

Yet, from the perch of the persnickety citrus chief, it is his former second in command’s neck which he wished were wrung.

But, there is another p word that fits the man from the ticket of 2016. 

P for Pence.

Pious is he, as his running mate tossed around a casual slang of carnalitv for kitty.

He prays and he preys. Yet, that was and is still the turgid ticket. Whether together or separate on the ballot, they are consecrated in an ideology of convenience.

So snide, so sly, and the rest of us our souls be damned. Yet, that’s the bucket of lies and hypocrisy that they carry through the days and nights of their queasy quest to take the White House once again.

One would figure with all that fawning and swooning and over the mooning you’ve done for him, there would be a just reward for you. Well, I guess a gallows would take the place of gold cross and rosary beads as your reward. 3 words exemplified where you stood and stand in the calculated eyes of your former running mate. 

From what I can glean about the Republican primary voter in this political season, they sure as anything are not craving a savior riding a white horse. Even if you traded a steed for a white rabbit, they still wouldn’t choose you over the man you were once on a ticket with. And, for that, even your Karen (Mrs. Pence) couldn’t pen a tale about a family hare attaining victory in the race you have chosen to toss your hat into. 

Many may applaud Mike Pence for doing his constitutional duty. But, it seems that wasn’t from his core that led the former Vice-President to do the right thing; but, almost to the extent of his actions being a fluke. Let’s see things clearly and realize it took two other adults to implant the backbone that was needed. It was former Vice-President J. Danforth Quayle and Judge J. Michael Luttig who seemed to be what propelled Pence to come to the conclusion that there was no way he could backtrack or bastardize the certification of the slate of electors. 

 As his running mate on that 2020 ticket made the decision to say that they won that election in those early morning hours post-election day, Mike Pence never pushed back on that damnable lie. When launching his own presidential bid for 2024, Pence is acting as if we are all living with amnesia over his culpability of silence during those days from November 2020 to January 2021 and beyond. 

You ain’t the man, Mike. Never were and never will be. As long as Trump can thump and trample every other candidate in the race, your phony virtue compared to his treachery is something that is so easy to replace. 

A diluted copy is what you are, as MAGA wants the real thing; which is an entity void of false humility and a rogue lacking of shame or disgrace. 

Even with that 37 count indictment[1] slapdown from the Feds in a Miami courthouse, the unapologetic former thug in chief hasn’t backed down from his obfuscations to forth hence. 

Pious is passé – as are you, Mr. Pence!

Now, you go out and try to find some primary voters that wanna’ be grabbed by that p-word!

“Grab ‘Em By The P=Word”


A.H. Scott 

“Grab ‘Em By The P-Word” – THE FOOTNOTES: 

1.- US_v_Trump-Nauta_23-80101 – U.S. Department of Justice 



Portrait of A.H. Scott poet and writer based in New York City
A.H. Scott


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A.H. Scott is a poet and essayist based in New York City and is a veteran contributor to this blog.  To access additional articles by A.H. Scott, click here: https://tonyward.com/a-h-scott-free-reign/

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