Mikel Elam: Inclusion

Painting by Mikel Elam, Copyright 2022

Text and Artwork by Mikel Elam, Copyright 2022




For me inclusion mean us and not they.  In conversation references to The Blacks, The Women, The Gays , The Italians, The Jewish, The Irish . Yes these are descriptions. Generally it takes our mind to some stereotype we’ve seen from movies to real life.  In fact some act like the stereotype because it’s expected of them . I also think referring to a group as They or Them is a good way to disconnect.

If it’s them over there we don’t really have to know them . We can presume we already know them by the stereotypes in our heads . The stereotypes which have been spoon fed to us . Everyone of those people is really our people.  We all arrived the same way and we will exit this realm in a similar way .

Reach out to someone different than you . Share stories . Then if you decide you are not compatible part ways in peace. Joy is picking my daughter up at the airport after 2 years of pandemic crisis. Happy Saturday.


About The Artist: Mikel Elam was born in Philadelphia. He attended the University of the Arts receiving his BFA in painting. He also attended the School of the Visual Arts in New York. He has been showing his paintings in numerous gallery spaces nationally and internationally for the last 25 years. Mikel is currently an artist in residence at the Fitler Club in Philadelphia.


To see more of Mikel Elam’s articles, link here: https://tonywardstudio.com/blog/trauma/

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