Katie Kerl: Dear Oliver

Influencer Katie Kerl models topless for the Vixens Series by Photographer Tony Ward
Influencer Katie Kerl  for the Vixens Series. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2024

Text by Katie Kerl, Copyright 2024


Dear Oliver


The last four years have been the weirdest moments of my life. I never wanted what you were striving for years ago. In 2024, I find myself in the epicenter of every major transforming industry. Where people are, if not more, cutthroat than in real estate development

I’m handling business development for a tech company that focuses on EV transportation and technology. I understand that crypto is the new stock market, emerging in web3. 

All the photos and content I used to capture that no one understood yet; I am now capturing content across industries—from fashion and tech to entertainment and finance. Storytelling is my gift, and I am writing the book we always talked about.

One thing I stayed true to? Calling people out on their BS, no matter the position they or I am in. Watching scammers try to get over on me is entertaining, though. I remember all of the BS we dealt with and youj stayed true to being the best person. That is all I hope to do. Be myself no matter what.

Things don’t make me as mad as they used to when people didn’t see things the way I do, no matter how right I am. That particular download wasn’t for them. i did not know any of this when we were together, but it started then.

I even found myself in real estate on the board of a smart city for kids and underserved parents.

I’m welcomed at a full-service movie studio whenever I want and have met some amazing people who accept me for me.

It took leaving Philly to see that there is a world for creatives, and it is amazing. Atlanta may not be a permanent home, but it is the place where I rose to my true potential. I uncovered it in Philadelphia and breathed life into all of my gifts there. I was so frustrated in Philadelphia, being understood. When, in fact, it was just the closed mindsets.

While you didn’t understand the creative side, you always told me I was too bright not to have my own thing. Did I ever find that….

I’m writing this to close a chapter and fully move into the new one I’ve found. It is weird four years later, but covid and my fathers death. I never had time to process yours.

 My branding and lifestyle awareness started when you were building the real estate development company. I learned social media marketing, swag, PR, and content creation.

I walked into 2024 wanting to write, but realized I’d never made peace with this part of my life. Making peace with this kind of loss is the only way to move forward in healthy relationships.

I feel fortunate to still have this platform to continue my “kerlupwithkate” story. I was going to write a piece for Tony before this, but I couldn’t figure out how to start it as a healed person.

Writing in prior years, I was going through it, and I have emerged as this person because of it, and Oliver, you were a defining point in my understanding of business.

Thank you for everything you were to me….. II release you…

To those of us who are dealing with loss. It does get better when you do the work. 

I’ve started to write for. a second Atlanta magazine as well, but I am leaving my actual life story for Tony Ward Studio. 

Walking into this season of life healed and the best version of myself.

Some people think it’s weird I speak about my father and You so much.

The truth is…. Legacys  never die.

RIP my angle 


– Kerlupwithkate

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