Bryan Abrams: 47,000 9/11’s

anti war illustration of two people wearing gas masks
Be Safe Out There. Artwork by Thomncat 23, Copyright 2023

Text by Bryan Abrams, Copyright 2023


47,000 9/11’s What is that?


That is the equivalent amount of people that would have been killed to equal the amount of Jewish people -men ,women ,old ,young and Holocaust survivors slaughtered by Hamas on October 7th, the sabbath for Jewish people.

Folks have asked why would Hamas attack Israel at this time and there are two main reasons:

The first is that the judicial reform bill that the right wing had been pushing sent hundreds of thousands of Israelis protesting in the streets and a huge contingent of reservists coming out against it. The reservists would have stopped training and wouldn’t be ready for an attack so the IDF would be lessened.
The second and probably even more vital reason was the treaty Israel was advancing with Saudi Arabia.  A recognition of Israel by the Saudi’s would be a huge blow to Hamas, a subsidiary of Iran, and they couldn’t have that .
Hamas also knew that the Israeli response would be severe and they were hoping to unite the Arab world against Israel-something that hasn’t happened. The Arab nations have been silent in their condemnation of Israel and the UAE and Bahrain have condemned the Hamas attacks.

There are people who call the barriers put up by Israel apartheid, but they have been to stop attacks like this and it is why Egypt built the Rafah gate .
Israelis and Arab Israelis coexist in Israel and have forever.
It is the extremists on both sides that have never wanted peace.
The closest came in 1993 at the Oslo peace accords, then the Assassination of Yitzhak Rabin put an end to that.

What is the solution??  That is very hard to come to but it starts with the Arab world uniting to get rid of Hamas and the Israeli government not being so right wing.  It is terrible so many innocent Palestinians have been killed, but that’s what happens in war. A war that was started by Hamas who doesn’t care one bit about the people that have been killed .
People in this country who are protesting and say that it is genocide weren’t saying that after 9/11 when we went to war with the people who attacked us,
47000 ,9/11’s.


About The Author: Bryan Abrams is an unofficial ambassador to the Versace fashion brand.  He is one of the largest collectors  Versace  in the world.

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