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In 1998, Tony Ward achieved global notoriety for his first published book of erotic photography, the controversial and highly praised OBSESSIONS. The monograph was followed by four more challenging, innovative and critically acclaimed volumes on eroticism and photography at the turn of the century. Scholars that specialize in the history and aesthetics of photography such as A.D. Coleman, Rick Wester and Reinhold Misselbeck have written illuminating essays that accompanied Tony Ward’s published works.

The Club Level  membership offers access to the photographers entire erotic archives beginning in the early 1990’s to present. Box Level members gain access to Club Level galleries, and also behind the scenes video footage of various shoots, adult films, lectures at the University of Pennsylvania, television clips and interviews.  Executive Level membership offers all of the above, and in addition; the Executive Level member can order a poster from the Store as part of the membership fee.

The online Store is currently offering: T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Books and Posters for sale inspired by the photographers vast photography collection.


Photography: Tony Ward, Copyright 2019


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