A.H. Scott: Trumpty Dumpty and The Bear

Illustration art representing Trump as Humpty Dumpty
Illustration by Alexandra Rouvet-Duvernoy aka Lexard of France. Copyright 2022

“Trumpty Dumbty” and The Bear


Poetry and Prose by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2022


“Trumpty Dumpty” (Scrambled)

Trumpty Dumpty sits on his wall

Trumpty Dumpty thought he’d had it all

Crafty Con Don was once on the ball

Believing his own hype

He was the hubristic egg archetype

Trumpty Dumpty made many a ‘perfect’ call

Cracking up for him is nothing new

His pappy Fred’s credo about being a loser, has been little Donnie’s ego bruiser

By thy own hand, he filled his pappy’s prophecy

Home to House is the way it went

First, losing inherited millions of his family’s crest with incompetence that proved a surname was only a golden façade

Rusting and ragin’, he didn’t stop there

Then, going onto bigger things, he lost them too 

He said he alone could fix it

Yet, that wasn’t true

He lost the White House

He lost the House 

He lost the Senate

Then on top of that, he aimed his destructive ire at the pillars of democracy itself

Failed son of tantrum whines on a shelf

Takin’ boxes of things he shouldn’t have took down to his palatial Florida nook

Kooky Trump has burned decency’s rule book

Scrambled brain

Scrambled lies

More than just Trump’s dump attracts flies 

Clogging the crapper with many classified docs

When he’s squawking about being persecuted, we all know it’s a crock

Nixon’s antics were tiddlywinks, as Trump’s fascistic fascination has obliterated normality to the brink

Tossin’ in a white knight’s persecution by chocolate chips is what he may think

Even the backing of Mazers can gone adrift

Yet, for him there is always a grift

Cracked nut known as Trump is heading for a fall

He and his top kiddies can no longer stall 

From number 5, maybe you can survive

But, the question is, how’s an egg gonna’ spin that?

In the end an unwise egg just goes splat!

A.H. Scott

February 2022


Illustration of Ukranian war representing Putin as a Bear
Illustration by Alexandra Rouvet_Duvernoy aka Lexard of France. Copyright 2022


“Trumpty Dumpty” and The Bear

“I mean like, I’m a smart person.” – Donald J. Trump, Former President of the United States of America[1]

In Putin’s methodical cross-border invasion into Ukraine, his Pac-Man psychosis pulverizes progress and devours democracy, as his most useful idiot of Pavlovian reflex spouts the words of allegiance which he cannot give to his own country of birth. 

“Putin declares a big portion of the Ukraine , of Ukraine; Putin declares it as independent. Oh, that’s wonderful.” – Donald J. Trump, Former President of the United States of America, February 2022[2]

When a former President of the United States of America considers an invasion of one country into another ‘a stroke of genius’[3], then you might just wonder how deeply delusional is this person. 

But, then again, the person is President Donald J. Trump. 

Yeah, Donnie, ‘stroke’ it is. Or, should I say more aptly, stroking is what you are doing quite well to and for Vlad.

Time and time again, when wondering where Donald Trump’s loyalties may exist, the thought always comes back to this – “with you, it’s always Russia, Russia, Russia”.

When all intelligence agencies in the United States of America concluded that Russia had interfered in the American 2016 elections, did Donald Trump confront Vladimir Putin when he was standing right next to him in 2018 at a press conference in Helsinki, Finland? 

Nah! Of, course did not. Besides, it’s pretty damn hard to stand up for your country and democracy when you are not working on our behalf. Donald Trump, first and always, works on behalf of his self. That’s the selfish being that he is. Secondly, if there is a comingling of ideology, then that’s another avenue for which he will make a stand upon.  

 “I have President Putin; he just said it’s not Russia. I don’t see any reason why it would be.” – President Donald J. Trump, July 16, 2018[4]

Now in February 2022, a dutiful fool and others of his ilk are not condemning Russian President Vladimir Putin, but lavishing him in a way that makes me think how far down on your knees to him can you get. 

West Point graduate and former Secretary of State for the Trump Administration Mike Pompeo; who in some circles is considering his own run for the Republican nomination for the President of the United States in 2024, seems like a man who would have a more skillful grip on history than his former boss. Yet, the lackadaisical air he has about not criticizing Putin’s actions makes Mr. Pompeo just another nodding head of approval for the man of the Kremlin.

“I consider him an elegantly, sophisticated counterpart and one who is not reckless” – Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Trump Administration, February 18th, 2022[5]

No, Mike. This isn’t some white-gloved, violin and harp recital occurring in a diplomatic reception beneath a shimmering chandelier at a glamorously furnished embassy. 

Footage of what Russian President Vladimir Putin has wrought is of a Russian tank rolling over a car with a civilian inside of it, people fleeing for safety as bombardments hit their homes and making a run on the banks and the border to Poland. 

And, as that West Point graduate which you are you, Mr. Pompeo, the images of families huddled in train stations as improvised bomb shelters should remind you of another war when European citizens had to flee underground into bomb shelters. 

But, hey, you just keep on lovin’ that shrewd fella, whom you have such respect{5} for, Mr. Pompeo.  

Of course Mr. Trump and Pompeo are not the only ones who are cheerleading over this situation, as the minstrels of misinformation cackle and sneer in the right-wing claptrap. Yet, these two men are the highest ranking former government officials in the United States of America that made the choice to say what they said.

Whether it is a good or bad thing, they are a duo that has a seal of distinction that goes along with their names. 

The office of the Presidency has a way of revealing who a man truly is. If the man was one of white-papers and long-term ideology, then it will occur in the programs they initiate or expand upon. Some of us may agree and some may disagree. So be it. Alas, if a man was tethered to a destructive vision or pet project he wanted to have implemented; then that exposure of errant cruelty would be all which is evident from that man’s administration. 

“I think the press makes me more uncivil than I am.” – President Donald J. Trump[6]


A snake can only be a snake, as a narcissist can only be a narcissist. 

Temperance of the man who has temporary stewardship of the executive branch of the government of the United States of America is in his hands alone.

Presidents come and presidents go. 

In the aftermath of a presidency, a former President can do many things, such as build houses for the poor, form foundations, give speeches, work on their presidential libraries, take up painting or sit back with their spouse just relaxing by a lake doing nothing spectacular but watching the sunset. Ah, yes, that is how most of us envision the man who used to sit in the Oval Office for one or two terms to enjoy the days after leaving that heralded position. 

Yet, that isn’t the world we are living in at this moment in time. We live in a country where the last guy in office, won’t get off the stage and just go somewhere and sit in silence with his spouse. 

Donald J. Trump is the punch-drunk boxer who won’t hang up the gloves, performer on center stage that won’t pass the mic; finally, the one who was elected, who has now been cast out. Don’t be sad. Don’t be mad. Just go away. Buh-bye, Donnie!


In fact, is not just picking on President Trump as a Republican that I am pointing out his abnormal aftermath of being out of office; but, I’ll point out the previous two men who actually held the same position for two terms as a Republican are worlds apart from how they comported themselves post-presidency. Alas, Trump was only a one-term President. Yet, he pumps himself up as being something more than just Mr. One Term. 

President Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush both had eight years in office, but you never saw either man 24/7 in the shadows of politics buzzing around the background of whatever was occurring in current events within the months and years close to the time after they left office. Reagan had his ranch in California. Bush had his ranch in Texas. Post-presidency, each of them went off and did their thing. As to both, when they went to their respective homes when flown off in that final helicopter ride on Marine One, Mr. Reagan and Mr. Bush were off the presidential clock.

As for the last elected Republican president, his actions are in a category by himself.

Trump is always there hovering around like an orange cloud of gloom. For a person who always bellows that he has the best of everything in his life; he surely wallows in constantly making himself the center of attention, even when the parade has passed him by. But, then again, his thirst for that spotlight is the narcotic he gets off on. 

It’s like a regurgitating recurrence of seeing this person go on and on about wanting the adulation, but not the investigation. And, that goes to the character of the man; or in the case of Donald J. Trump, the lack thereof. 

No longer President of the United States of America, he is Mr. Trump. Mr. Trump may have had a former position which will be lauded with the imprimatur of that office in history books that will be written in future days. Yes, that is true. But, what also is true is that Mr. Trump is a man with a stew of scandals that stemmed from many a year way back before he decided to play fast and loose with morality and legality.

So, it is what it is. If he can’t stand the heat in the kitchen he should have never stirred the pot so vigorously, viciously, and vilely over many a decrepit decade of deceit. 

The levers of power which he had been bestowed as an American president have vanished and a time for critical comeuppance is upon his gold-leafed doorstep. 

So, what shall citizen Trump do? Shall he go quietly into that good night? Or, shall he stir the pot? 

Quiet is one thing Donald Trump is not, as the two-by-four of subterfuge is spinning overtime to get the pot on the verge of melting down from his insidious rhetoric. 

And, this is how the rotten egg turns:

“These prosecutors are vicious, horrible people. They’re racists and they’re very sick. They’re mentally sick” – Donald J. Trump, former President of The United States of America (Conroe, Texas January 29th, 2022)[7]

As those words at a Conroe, Texas rally drifted from his lips, it is obvious that projection is Mr. Trump’s alone and the reality Donald lives with is this: 

‘I am a horrible person. I am a racist. I am mentally sick’ 

New York State Attorney General Letitia James, Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis are people of color. It just fits the pattern of Trump in tagging any person who is not white as a racist, especially when they are in a position of having their own power due to being an elected official that he cannot control or browbeat. 

District Attorney Willis’ concern over the incendiary remarks Trump made during that speech in Texas, led to a formal letter to the FBI for enhanced security[8] around the courthouse where she works in Atlanta. 

Stir the pot, Donald! Stoke that fire without a care of who could be harmed by the gasoline you toss into the political bloodstream by literally pointing your sycophants into the direction of these three specific people who are investigating you and your actions. 

Ms. James, Mr. Bragg and Ms. Willis are not going to back down, as evidence of monetary manipulation and financial shenanigans in New York and a phased plan to undermine a vote count in Georgia are in the process of becoming full circle. 

In fact, some fissures in the palace of Trump are coming from inside the house, as his son Eric’s invoking of the fifth amendment over 500 times[9] on the record is taking away one of his father’s greatest verbal retorts and protestations over the past years. 

“If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” – Donald J. Trump[10] 

See his bombastic bashing[11] of those who take the fifth on display. He shouldn’t be bashing too hard, for his little boy Eric is among those who’ve used this crutch of the fifth.  

As a judge has ruled for Donald Trump, his junior namesake and his ever beloved princess of the family kingdom, Ivanka have been ordered[12] to testify at a deposition in the investigation which New York Attorney General Letitia James is undertaking involving the Trump Organization, I wonder how many times Poppa Don is going to cling to the fifth like a rat to cheese, because he doesn’t want to or can’t tell the truth when being asked a question under oath. 

But, if Donald Trump’s cracking up wasn’t bad enough, another knock to his pride came in the form of a disavowal from the unlikeliest of places. 

Stamp of approval that had been given year after year from Trump’s chosen accounting firm has been retracted[13], as Mazars has decoupled from their once prestige client. 

Mazars USA’s dubious ties to Trump and his organization goes back many years, with several eyebrow-raising[14] financial filings that were prepared from the New York offshoot of the French headquartered conglomerate. In the vein of a game of Chutes and Ladders, the Trump stated finances had a way of being inflated to attract loans and deflated to deflect proper payment to the IRS. Numbers up, number down, the squirrelly way of Trump math is on display.

Now, a sign that your business is a fading star is when your accountant fires you instead of you firing them. I guess when your marker is going to be called in by those whom you owe money to it must really make a person wet their pants when realizing they can’t rely on getting the usual backup that had once been given in the realm of financial disclosures. 

So, without Mazars providing the golden seal of approval for Donald Trump and his namesake organization, he’s left naked to an array of his creditors he owes millions and millions to. And, that is a visual I didn’t need to put into anyone’s mind. Yet, the former occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is bare without a fig of monetary robustness. 

For the Trump organization to get more access to loans and lines of credit from financial institutions from sea to shining sea (and even across an ocean), would be a blind man’s folly in knowing the return on investment or repayment is nil. 

So, if a person’s debts are coming due within the next one or two years and their assets are not what they are claiming them to be for the world to see; there can be an obvious question that can be pondered. 

Well, since Trump is not going to get a gig as a bellman at one of his hotels or properties to work for tips, then it has to be another route to make some scratch in a more profoundly plausible way. 

What cadre of items could a former President of the United States of America possibly have at his disposal to barter with to keep his head above water and keep the wolves of debt at bay?

Truth is written in the wind and upon an unknown document that has been tattered and reconstructed with tape. But, that kind of thought couldn’t be possible? Could it? I mean Donald Trump wouldn’t stoop that low. 

Well, maybe from a hawker who sells wares from steaks and wines and everything in between, it wouldn’t be such a stretch to believe the sacrosanct propriety of democracy’s promise is just another token to be sold to the highest bidder.  

Alas, paper cuts always have a way to leave you with a sting. The adage of death by a thousand cuts seems to fit the bill for a certain man who thought he was invincible to the norms of government.  

No one would have ever thought that an agency whose sole task is archiving governmental records would possibly become the showstopper in spotlighting once again the shortcomings of a paper-rippin’[15], paper chewin’[16], toilet cloggin’[17], tantrum whining of an emotionally-stunted brat. But, I guess the brilliance of bureaucracy bites back. 

Out of the shadows, the paper trail is revealed of the nefarious doings of a defeated wannabe strongman.

The National Archives perform a non-partisan process of documenting all forms of American history; particularly, from the executive branch. It does not pick and choose at random which presidential administration shall have their papers placed into the archives. With the Presidential Records Act which was set into law after the Nixon administration in 1978, all presidential notes, speeches, daily schedules, transcripts, visitor logs and numerous other dealings within the White House are sent to the archives after an administration leaves office. 

And, President Donald John Trump’s administration is no different. So, he’s just going to live and deal with the fact that he ain’t special or that he is going to exist upon an island unto himself. 

Or in this case, atop that wall of lies he’s built before, during, and after his presidency. 

Scrambled brain leads to scrambled lies that he can’t even distinguish what is real and what he wishes would be. The investigations are going to keep on coming, as long as there are men and women with backbone, evidence and clear vision to seek a just finale to the deception. 

Cracked shell of commission has exposed the schemes of a mom and pop organization that’s been running on fumes of faux past glory. 

Omelet of omission has been executed with haphazard precision of a Three Card Monte game, which is proving to be a bit tougher to decipher due to the roadblocks that Trumpworld has chosen to place in front of investigations, both Congressional and statewide. But, bit by bit, or should I say, taped document by document; everything is going to be gathered for the record of the American public and history to see. 

Trumpty Dumpty’s wall of wily ways is disintegrating into a sinkhole of scatological design because it was constructed and   concocted upon a foundation of fraudulence. 

A long overdue code of justice has been CRACKED, as this bad egg and the rest of his carton of compliance and chaos is going to have to come to terms with. 




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About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and senior contributing writer for Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by Ms. Scott, go here: https://tonyward.com/the-words-of-wait/


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