Team Work

The Team:

Tony Ward: Photography, Publishing & Set Design

KVaughn: Creative Director & Stylist

Milton White: Creative Directors Assistant

Anthony Colagreco: Lighting Assistant

Brian Hunt: Photographer

Ted Kawalerski: Director of Cinema Productions

Ernest Thomas: Behind the Scene, Stills & Video

Resyn Thomas: Behind the Scene, Stills & Video

Al B For: Behind the Scene, Stills & Video

Octavia Monroe: Hair & Makeup 

Tracey Olkus: Hair & Makeup

Thomcat23: Illustration Web Development

Content Producers:

A.H. Scott: Senior Blogger/Author

Bob Shell: Senior Blogger/Author

Katie Kerl: Senior Blogger/Influencer

Kitchie Ohh: Blogger/Model

Malik Mubashshir: Blogger

Mikala Mikrut: Blogger/Model/Actress

Mikel Elam: Blogger/Mixed Media Artist

Nefertari Williams: Blogger/Influencer

Shanell Verandez: Blogger/Model/Musician

James Domingo: Photographer/Blogger/Activist



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Phone: 267-475-0828


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