Shawna Williams: The Latest Vixen

Photo of 18 year old black American model wearing a corset, panty and long legs
Shawna Williams. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023

Text by Shawna Williams, Copyright 2023


Styling by KVaughn

Hair & Makeup by Octavia Williams

Behind the Scenes by Shana Williams

Lighting Assistant and Behind The Scenes Video: Anthony Colagreco


The Latest Vixen


All of my life I have heard my mom talk about her modeling days. When she did she would always recall her fond memories of a photographer named Tony Ward. 

As time went on I have grown to be tall and thin like my mother and received several compliments and suggestions that I should become a model. 

When I turned 18 recently I remembered the fond memories that my mom spoke about and the desire to model because it was a life goal. 

Learning that Tony Ward chose me to be part of his Vixen series was a welcomed surprise. I get butterflies in my stomach every time I think about this honor. I hope I can make my mom proud and prove to be the fierce vixen that Tony Ward obviously sees in me. 


Portrait of mother and her 18 year old daughter wearing a corset
Shawna and Nefertari Williams. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2023


Behind The Scenes


Text by Shayna Williams,  Copyright 2023


The day we spent weeks preparing for finally came, the day of the photo shoot. It had been seemingly countless days since my mother mentioned it and it went by faster than expected. The night before the shoot we spent picking clothes, planning makeup, and even deciding which heels are the best. This wasn’t the first time I’ve seen my mother in a photoshoot so I was expecting the same basics, but this photoshoot was different from others.
In the car ride there, sighing from exhaustion after spending a night preparing for the upcoming event, I heard “here we are!” and looked up to see a nice house. My first thoughts were “I’ve never seen my mom do a photoshoot at a house, I wonder how this will work” and “I hope we didn’t overpack, I wouldn’t want to make a mess in somebody’s home.”
We bring the bags past the front door, I look around and I notice how beautiful everything is. I immediately got an artsy vibe. I knew the photoshoot was gonna be amazing after seeing how nicely decorated everything was.
After being instructed to put the cases in a dressing room, as we walk in my sister says “look at the walls” and we see erotic photos. I’m personally okay with the idea of the human body being art, in fact I like the idea of it a lot. My concern was my niece who had also tagged along and saw the pictures. But she was fine with it as well!
My niece and I walk to the backyard, which is also decorated very nicely, and sit to relax. I notice a brown building that appeared to be under construction behind the main houses on the property with a door on it. I learned later this was the new Tony Ward Studio under construction.  At this point I’m thinking the photoshoot will happen outside, but when my mom and sister came out they walked right into the new studio that was under construction.  I followed along and saw a nice photography set with a Paris  themed backdrop in the room. It was truly different, but already more intriguing, than any shoot I’ve ever seen my mother on.
During the photo shoot I decided to walk to get ice cream at a place called Sprinkles with my niece. Elkins Park, the neighborhood about 10 miles north of center city Philadelphia where the shoot took place was very nice as well! On the walk back I decided to sit outside and wait for the rest of the shoot to finish. Once it did we started cleaning up and were told to get ready for the lunch that was prepared for us. I wasn’t really expecting one but it was really good! I enjoyed the food, especially the broccoli!
A gathering of the Williams family having lunch with Tony Ward
After the shoot, lunch with the Williams family.
It was sadly time to go afterwards. As we were walking back to the car I was thinking about how new this experience was. I’ve never seen a shoot done in such a unique and remarkable way. I’d love to go back again. Even if we won’t be taking pictures the setting alone was amazing.
Tony Ward and the Williams family with creative director KVaughn celebrate a successful photo shoot
A team portrait after the shoot.


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