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If there’s anything America is good for outside of cultural diversity, and historical landmarks, being a patriarchal superpower is an honorable mention on a list of many. Taking history into account, the “powers that be” seem to have an insatiable desire set to conquer, control, and capitalize. While the topic of women’s rights might seem like a talking point of the20th century, the battle between big brother and women’s reproductive rights is as relevant as ever. One may ask how governmental politics and an individual’s decision to give birth or not correlate? A question I have yet to get a definitive answer to. Though I do personally believe in the preservation of life at any stage, my views are simply just that, personal beliefs. The personal beliefs or values of a few should in no way infringe upon the values and lifestyles of the many, especially in regards to one’s personal health concerns. Unless, of course, you’re the United States government.

As of June 2022, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided to overturn Roe vs. Wade, making the performance of an abortion a felony punishable by law. This then allows each individual state to decide whether or not they will enforce the ban on abortion. In short, depending on what moral views the political leaders in your state live by, will determine if a woman can have access to the procedure or not. While I do not directly advocate for abortion, as I believe every soul is brought into this realm for a purpose, blatantly eradicating the option altogether takes the control directly out of the woman’s hands, and into those of the government. A woman’s reproductive decisions should not be synonymous with politics, and having the right to choose is extremely important considering every individual’s situation is unique. What do you tell the victims of sexual abuse, incestral relations, or someone who simply may not be financially prepared for motherhood? As someone who looks forward to having children of my own someday, the current state of the world does concern me to the highest extent. Like the saying goes, “history always repeats itself”. I do, however, have the utmost faith in our future as a whole, as well as the futures of our children and the progressive, forward-thinking necessary changes they will bring to society.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR : Milan is originally from New York, now residing in Philadelphia. Aspiring model and real estate broker. Free thinker. Humanitarian by nature. Spiritual revolutionary in the making. To access previous articles by Milan Burnett, click here:

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