KVaughn: Winter Collection 2022

Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2022


KVaughn Winter Collection 2022


On Sunday, November 27th, a group of creative Philadelphians gathered for a photo shoot at the Rittenhouse Grill, Warwick Hotel in Philadelphia to photograph fashion designer, KVaughn’s Winter Collection of handmade scarves. My assistant and I arrived around Noon. Entering the lobby I thought I was at the wrong address.  Was this the Warwick Hotel that once was known for the tawdry parties held by “The Rat Pack” or the soothing nights of laying back with your favorite date at Club Elan?  Yes. After a multi million dollar face lift that rivals the W around the corner, The Warwick Hotel has surely reimagined its former grandeur.

Entering the Rittenhouse Grill, where the shoot took place, one could hear Kvaughn’s distinguished voice ordering his assistants to prepare each garment and making sure the models; men and women who have worked with the master designer in the past, pay careful  attention to all of his suggestions and requests. There were several distinguished photographers in attendance including Brian Hunt of Etimo Photo and Ernest Thomas.  We all proceeded to shoot in various setting in the cavernous space, while we ate and drink our way through an enjoyable creative experience. It was great to see my fellow  photographers in action and enjoyed their camaraderie.

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