DIARY: DUTCH TREAT . The trip to Amsterdam was winding down after several days of continuous shoots. I arranged my schedule so that I could take the last couple of days off to relax with friends before heading back to the states to process the work that was produced for a new book project. It just so happened that on my day off, a huge soccer match was being played in town. Everybody was in a good mood in anticipation of the colossal sporting event. If you have never been to Holland during a Champions League tournament match, its like a Major League playoff baseball game in the states, but way more intense. There was a heightened sense of national pride in the atmosphere while most of the country stopped everything they were doing to watch the contest on television. I decided to return to a sports bar that I had visited on an earlier trip, where I could get a bite to eat, enjoy the match and throw down a few Heineken's in between the roars of the local Dutch fan base. I also recalled the last time I visited this particular bar a few months earlier, the bartender was gorgeous and my instincts were telling me she would be a welcome addition to the pages of the new book I was working on of female nudes. . NextGEN Gallery . As I entered the establishment I was in luck. There she was again. I noticed the pale skin, long blond curly hair through the thick smoke filled room. The raucous mostly male clientele hardly seemed to take notice of the native beauty. I meandered towards the bar where she was serving drinks an grabbed the last stool available just as the thrilling match began. After a few moments she approached and immediately recognized me from the last time I visited. This time we exchanged pleasantries and I learned more about her as we enjoyed a casual conversation. . Tony_Ward_Studio_erotic_photography_Dutch_women_model_Dagmar_Amsterdam_bartender_blonde_beauty_nudity_topless_nudes_reclining Dagmar Reclining . Dagmar was friendly like most of the Dutch women that I have encountered in the past. I explained to her that I was a photographer working on a picture book and proceeded to show her a portfolio sample of images on my cell phone. Cellular internet access is a very useful tool for the traveling photographer. She was impressed with my work and agreed to meet me at my hotel for a sitting after work. After the match, I quickly rushed back to my hotel suite to prepare the room and my equipment for her arrival. Dagmar's shapely figure is a result of many years of classical training in dance, her true passion in life. . To access additional Diary entries, go here:

Dutch Treat

photo of nude dutch model blonde in Amsterdam by tony ward. Natural breasts beauty

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