Rebecca Huang: Looking Glass


Photography, Text and Video Interview by Rebecca Huang, Copyright 2017




Do you actually pay attention to the details in life? Personally, I have to say that I definitely don’t really pay attention to that many details in life, but I wish I did. Sometimes we get so caught up in trying to accomplish something big, that we fail to notice the little things that gives life its magic.

That seems to be a very common thing that happens nowadays, especially when at Penn. Everyone seems to be caught up in such a fast-paced life that small life details become even more minute. Similarly, in this day and age where fashion is also a way of self-expression, the little details are over looked as well.

Fashion consists of both the actual clothing and all the accessories that add more detail and expression to each outfit. However, since all the things combine to form a statement, no one pays attention to each individual part. Each part by itself could be deemed as too simple and not worthy of attention. What needs to be focused on is how they all come together and express something.

But contrary to what those people think, I think that there most definitely is beauty in simplicity. The little details that add up to be a bigger picture are the things that give life its magic, and should be the center of focus. Because of this, I decided to use the small simple accessories that people use in fashion to build a fashion piece in my still life pictures. They represent the little details that we overlook in life, simple and small but important. Small things add up. Then using the magnifying lenses to magnify the details of each object, I wanted to use that to represent the looking glass that we should be using to observe these minute details we too often look over in life. We do not need much to be able to notice the little things. We just need to be able to stop and actually take the time to appreciate the magic and beauty each little thing brings.



Photo of Rebecca Huang by William Lee, C. 2017.


About The Author: Rebecca Huang is a freshmen enrolled in the College of Nursing, University of Pennsylvania, Class of 2020.

TWS: February 2017

Tony_Ward_photography_studio_cover_photo_february_2017_model_Latoya_Green_Main_Line_Models_Victoria's_Secret_lingerie 11.59.08 AM





Tony Ward: Persistence of Seduction at Jed Williams Gallery

Opening Event: 5:00 to 7:00 pm, February 18, 2017


JED WILLIAMS GALLERY is proud and excited to announce its first showing of world-renowned erotic photographer TONY WARD.  JWG extends the spirit of Valentine’s Day by presenting a sexy, light-hearted visual romp through the work of one of the world’s preeminent photographers renowned for his explorations into EROTICA.  Ward will be exhibiting posters featuring photographs printed onto archival paper from high resolution digital files.  In a fresh new twist, JWG continues its adventurous forays into innovative curating by presenting its very first exhibit composed entirely of high quality photographic posters, created  by a master photographer.

Tony Ward’s photographs have been widely collected, exhibited and syndicated around the world. His unending quest for inspiring subjects and new projects compels him to divide his creative time between the diverse cosmopolitan centers of New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris, Hamburg/Berlin and his beloved Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Since opening Tony Ward Studio in 1984, Ward achieved global notoriety for his first published book on erotic photography, the controversial and highly praised OBSESSIONS. The monograph was followed by four more challenging and critically acclaimed volumes on photographic eroticism at the turn of the century. Scholars that specialize in the history and aesthetics of photography such as A.D. Coleman, Rick Wester and Reinhold Misselbeck have written illuminating essays that accompanied the artist’s published works.

Tony Ward has been teaching Photography courses at the prestigious University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design since the Fall of 2010. He currently offers an array of photo-centric works including image emblazoned clothing, original prints, private galleries for members only, and books by the artist.   In addition, via the artists web portal visitors can access galleries of leading artists who are affiliates of Tony Ward Studio by visiting:

Please join us for an opening reception February 18, 2017 from 5-7pm. Private press previews and artist studio visits are available prior to the opening by appointment only. Show runs from February 18-24 at Jed Williams Gallery,  615 Bainbridge St. Philadelphia.

About Jed Williams Gallery: Named one of the top art galleries in Bella Vista and Queen Village by Philadelphia Magazine (March 2015), Jed Williams Gallery is a unique art space owned and operated since 2010 by artist Jed Williams. JWG showcases up-and-coming and inspiring artists from the Philadelphia area. Artists featured are from all backgrounds including classically trained as well as self-taught outsider artists. The gallery shows a variety of thoughtful, cutting edge high quality works ranging from 2D, mixed media and painting, to video, installation and sculpture.


Poster Exhibit: Jed Williams Gallery. February 18 to 24, 2017. Gallery Address: 615 Bainbridge Street, Philadelphia, Pa. 19147.



Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017

Model: Latoya. Main Line Models and Talent

Assistants: Anthony Colagreco / Casey Egner

Makeup: Emily Dimant

Jewelry: J Rudy Lewis

Lingerie: Victoria’s Secret