Matt Sampson: A Passion For Sneaker Fashion

street sneaker fashion PHiladelphia Photo: Isiah Black his I@verbalingus_photos
Photo: Isiah Black. IG @ verbalingus_photos

Text by Matt Sampson, Copyright 2022


A Passion For Sneaker Fashion


First of all, I want to thank everyone affiliated with Tony Ward Studio! Without your support, I wouldn’t be here. I know that sounds like the intro to an acceptance speech. I truly appreciate everyone reading this article, interacting on social media, and just supporting me overall. I am truly grateful for my core audience and the 15-20 people who share everything I post. With their help, my audience grew drastically in 2022.

My collector is the O.G. Sneakerheads who are my age or older. The folks who won’t wear a shoe if Jordan didn’t wear it. I have the younger crowd as well as the ones who wear Yeezy’s with Nike socks. I also have folks who normally wouldn’t be into sneakers as well. You know the hard-bottom shoe wearers.

I pride myself on being able to reach a vast collection of people. With everyone I come in contact, I try to deliver the best service. Doing good business is important to me. This means fair pricing when buying or selling sneakers. I drop off every shoe purchased from me door to door. You will not spend money with me and have to use your gas. It amazes me what I have been able to do from collecting shoes. I started buying shoes in 2008. Over the years I have gone through many stages, ironically like my audience.

I had an O.G. stage when it was only classic Jordan’s. I later branched out to other Nike shoes and now it’s basically whatever I like. People often ask if selling shoes is easy to do. Honestly no it’s not. Having to stay up on releases, dealing with counterfeiters, lowballers, and overall dishonest people. To me, it’s fun though it’s always something different. You meet some great people as well. I’m normally not hyped about the New Year. With the way mine ended, I’m very optimistic. Please keep track of my journey by following me on IG @ sampson_matt_ and YouTube @ Sampson_Matt_ Thank you for tuning in much success to everyone in 2023!


The Sneaker King.  Matt Sampson
Matt Sampson. Photo: Isiah Black @verbalingus_photos


About The Author: Matthew Sampson is a full-time father of a wonderful 16-year-old daughter who also loves shoes. He recently started creating content in 2020 and posting to IG and YouTube. Matt also has become the sneaker connect for multiple people in Philadelphia. You can his sneakers for sale on his Instagram sampson_matt_. Feel free to reach out if you need items sold as well.  

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