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George Krause: Lunch With a Legend



Martha Gibson. George Krause. Lunch at the White Dog Cafe, March 8, 2018. Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2018.



Text by Tony Ward, Copyright 2018




I first met my friend and mentor, George Krause in 1975 at Photopia Gallery on South Street. The Philly based gallery was located in the same neighborhood where Man Ray was born and where Ray K. Metzker, also a legendary photographer and friend of George, lived by converting an old 19th century fire house into his studio. Metzker’s studio was located just around the corner from where George Krause lived for several years before relocating to Wimberly, Texas, where he currently resides with his girlfriend, the artist, Martha Gibson.  Photopia was the place to see fine art photography during those days and George Krause was amongst the finest artists to exhibit at the avant-garde exhibition space.  A couple of years earlier,  Krause had  published GEORGE KRAUSE-1, his first book of groundbreaking photographs, which became a visual bible for anyone interested in photography as a fine art at the time. Toll & Armstrong of Haverford, Pa. published the monograph with forward by Mark Power, in 1972. I have a signed copy proudly displayed of GEORGE KRAUSE – 1 in my personal library. 

Before I was informed George would be visiting Philadelphia this year to install his latest exhibition, Introspective 1957 to 2017 at the University of the Arts, I had already introduced his work to my photography students at the University of Pennsylvania. In September, I assigned the class a book review of John Szarkowski’s classic, Looking at Photographs.  George was  selected by Szarkowski to  be represented in this  iconic  representation of the history of photography published by the Museum of Modern Art in 1973.

Needless to say, my students were thrilled to learn that the legendary, George Krause would be visiting their class during his visit to Penn’s campus.  When I showed the students the signed copy of his first book, I completely forgot that it contained personal letters. I shared with the class that I had received letters from George during the 1970’s when we corresponded while he was working in San Miguel, Mexico or at the American Academy in Rome. I was a graduate student studying photography at the Rochester Institute of Technology where many of Georges contemporaries lectured at my graduate seminars including: Ralph Gibson, Emmet Gowin, Duane Michals, Susan Sontag and Peter Bunnell. The list would also include George Krause after he accepted an invitation that I forwarded to him on behalf of the masters program at R.I.T. We’ve stayed in touch ever since.

George was thrilled to see an exhibit of the students work at the Clutter Gallery in Addams Hall.  The class had the good fortune of reading about photographic history and then to meet a living embodiment of its history made for an amazing learning experience for the students. George mentioned during his talk that it was the first time he had been asked to speak about his work by accessing his web site:  George also mentioned that he may have been the first photographer in photographic history to cut a beveled mat window to present his photographs. After his talk we enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the White Dog Cafe on Penn’s campus with his girlfriend; the artist, Martha Gibson.



George Krause: Exhibition Announcement. UArts.


George Krause with Photography Students at UPenn

George Krause with Photography Students at UPenn. Photo: Martha Gibson.


George Krause and Tony Ward at Introspective opening reception, UArts. March 28, 2018.

George Krause and Tony Ward at Introspective opening reception, UArts. March 28, 2018.


About The Author: Tony Ward is a fine art photographer, author, blogger, publisher and adjunct professor of photography at the University of Pennsylvania.  His published works can be accessed here


Editor’s Note: Tony Ward used the new Sony RX100V to make the portrait of George Krause during lunch with an ISO setting of 320, White Balance: AWB, Shutter: 1/30th, F-Stop:1.8.



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A.H. Scott: Honor’s Retreat



Honor’s Retreat


Poetry by A.H. Scott, Copyright 2018


Even after bald-face lies about Rep. Fredericka Wilson and musing about Dreamers being lazy asses; John Kelly still receives reverence in being given the hallowed presence of constantly being called General Kelly. For me, it seems the journalists calling him that are always giving a false salute of his past glory. As for the present, he is just the CIVILIAN White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. No higher or lower than any other person who has held that position.And, with that Mr. John Kelly has fallen at ease in Honor’s Retreat. And, for those who say, that Kelly is the adult in the room to bring discipline to the White House; I say that is a joke.

Oh, don’t get me started on plans for that military parade, cuz’ I surely don’t want to throw too much shade.




Honor’s retreat

Oh, yeah

It can be beat

Honor whistles past Arlington

Reputation relinquished for false prophet of patriotism’s need

Proclaiming protégé of being a man of integrity

Even as dirty deeds of the past have been teased in the spotlight

Porter’s supporter feigns ignorance of who this secretary truly is

But, what do you expect when wrong is stroked as right

We need the Honor Whisperer to show us the light

Too damn bad that dishonor has become wed to this plight

Yet, Honor retreats once again

Make me a parade with pomp and pride

And, of course make damn sure my enormous missile glistens for the satellites above to see

Honor’s retreat all the way it’s gotta be

What was normal before has gone far, far away

Verbal sparring and belittling of those who are beneath the platinum plateau

From lying about Representative Wilson to yakkin’ about lazy ass Dreamers, the smearing of civility grows

Is Honor in the house of white anymore?

Retreated and reloaded for the March of the Righteous to be led

General you were before

Now, just Mr. Kelly is who ya’ are

Not so different from ya’ boss

Honor’s retreat is propriety’s loss

Duty has become doody, as the Tantrum Toddler sits in his high chair

Common sense has become like mercury, slick to the grasp of a stillness of serenity

Once upon a perch of what was saluted with solemnity, as faltered to shallow

Hallow transforms to hollow, as the tightrope snaps – and Earth is left without a net

Honor’s retreat is decorum’s defeat


About The Author: A.H. Scott is a poet based in New York City and frequent contributor to Tony Ward Studio. To read additional articles by A. H. Scott, go here


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Bob Shell: Letters From Prison 2018 #1


slave collar fetish fashion black latex asian submissive

Photo: Tony Ward, Copyright 2018

Letters From Prison, Part 1 2018


Text by Bob Shell, Copyright 2018


The other day one of the young men here handed me a book to read. I looked at it and was transported back in time more than fifty years. The book is Story of O. In 1966 I was nineteen years old, in my second year at Virginia Tech, working part time in a bookstore/coffee shop wrapping shipments for mailing, and trying to find a girlfriend. To make extra money, I was selling subscriptions to Playboy and Evergreen Review. I ordered a book I’d read about in Evergreen, called The Story of O, which had just been published in the US. The book had created quite a stir! There was much discussion about Pauline Reage, the credited author. Was this a pseudonym? Was the author really a man? Would the publisher end up in prison alongside the publisher of Screw?

This book was my first introduction to serious S and M erotica. To say it had a strong impact on me would be a massive understatement. Ever since I first read the book, I’ve had a dream of filming, still or movie, this story. There is a “band designee” version by the masterful French artist Guido Crepax, and a pretty awful movie and serialized TV miniseries, but they’re far too toned down. Anyway, I was surprised to find the book here where everything is so heavily censored. Apparently explicit verbal sex is OK, but even a bare breast is forbidden pictorially. I recently had an issue of Vogue magazine confiscated for containing nudity, and got an institutional charge for having it! I was given 45 days telephone restriction as punishment. Imagine that in the good old U.S.A.! Such is life here in the DOC.


About The Author: Bob Shell is a professional photographer, author and former editor in chief of Shutterbug Magazine. He is currently serving a 35 year sentence at Pocahontas State Correctional Center, Pocahontas, Virginia for involuntary manslaughter for the death of Marion Franklin, one of his former models. Mr. Shell is serving the 10th years of his sentence. To read more articles by Bob Shell, go here


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TWS: K Vaughn Scarves



I Wear K Vaughn Scarves


Portrait of Tony Ward by Michael Heath, Copyright 2017


To access K Vaughn’s Fall Collection, click here


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December 2017: Old School Shirt Makers New York



December: 2017


Lab Session: Text by Kevin Stewart, Copyright 2017


Sharing your life’s work, your passion, your craft with students opens you up to examining your body of work like a vaulted time capsule newly unearthed. On Tuesday, November 14, 2017 I spoke to a Fashion Photography class at UPenn. The teacher, Tony Ward my friend and colleague, invited me. How could I say no? Our few hours together were broken into three segments; Lecture, Q&A, Student assignment. 

I presented a slice of my work in publishing, explaining a Fashion Directors role and responsibilities to achieve a final photo worthy for public viewing. I emphasized the importance of the photographer selection and ultimately the relationship between the Fashion Director + Photographer and achieving a successful outcome. The students were attentive and interested in the process. Questions proved to me that they saw their role in the craft as needing to be continually open to exploring ideas, techniques and collaboration. 

Then came the fun part for me, hopefully for the students as well, getting to work. I styled the models in my most recent addition to the Old School Shirt Makers New York collection, Roger Charles bow ties and knitwear + fiber art by K. The students were divided into groups, assignments in hand, cameras ready; they went off to make magic happen through the lens. I witnessed several of the students applying what they had been taught. I saw artistic adventure, working with the models, the space, the lighting and using their talents to capture THE shot. Some students were quiet and serious, some were very methodical and a handful were playful and relaxed. There is no right or wrong way, it’s about finding your way. 

My capsule reveals the journey I took and how I did what I did, my way. The students I had the pleasure to speak with and collaborate with have a lifetime to fill up their capsule. I hope their journey leads them to a place where they can reflect back and say, this is who I am and I created this. 

Thank you Tony, my friend, for another experience added to the journey. 

Kevin Stewart 


Photography by Tony Ward, Copyright 2017.  To access Tony Ward’s fashion portfolio, click here





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