Self-Portrait With Katie. Copyright 2018

Self-Portrait With Katie. Copyright 2018


Tony Ward Ward began his professional career in 1980 as a corporate photographer for the pharmaceutical giant, Smithkline Corporation. After several years of working in the department of corporate communications for Smithkline, he opened the Tony Ward Studio in 1984, to service a variety of Fortune 500 companies and smaller business entities.

In 1998, TW achieved global notoriety for his first published book on erotic photography, the controversial and highly praised OBSESSIONS. The monograph was followed by four more challenging, innovative and critically acclaimed volumes on eroticism and photography at the turn of the century. Scholars that specialize in the history and aesthetics of photography such as A.D. Coleman, Rick Wester and Reinhold Misselbeck have written illuminating essays that accompanied the artist published works.

Ward’s  photographs have been widely collected, exhibited and syndicated around the world. His unending quest for inspiring subjects, and new projects compels him to divide his creative time between diverse cosmopolitan centers, including: New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Paris, Hamburg/Berlin and his beloved Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Tony Ward has been teaching Photography courses at the University of Pennsylvania since the Fall of 2010, and has published the work of his students in the blog section. The daily blog features articles by Tony Ward and guest contributors who are invited to write on a variety of topics including; Art, Architecture, Photography, Fashion,  Erotica, Politics, Science, Travel and Current Events.

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1979:  Master of Fine Arts, The Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York (Photography)

1977:     Bachelor of Science, Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Art Education)



2017: Persistence of Seduction, Jed Williams Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2005: Come On Glamour Puss, Seraphin Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Best of Erotica, Tony Ward, Powerhouse Gallery, New York City

2004: Tony Ward, Jugendfrei, Galerie Zikesch, Karlsruhe, Germany

Wasteland, William Way Community Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2003: Edgeworks, Aplanat Galerie fuer Fotografie, Hamburg, Germany

2002: Tableaux Vivants, Galerie Zikesch, Karlsruhe, Germany

2000: O: The Other Side, Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Orgasm, Donkersloot Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Orgasm, Les Larmes d’Eros Paris, France

1997: Tableaux Vivants, MBM Gallery, New York City

1996: Close Up, Blue Jay Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

1995: Man and Woman, Sunshine City, Tokyo, Japan

Tony Ward Photographs, Prinz Gallery, Kyoto, Japan

1994: Portrayals, SAP International, North American Headquarters, Philadelphia,

Pennsylvania; Drexel University, Nesbitt Design Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Recent Photographs, Pentimenti Gallery, February 2 to 27, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1991: Color Composites, Millersville University, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

1982: Night Fever, Photogenesis Gallery, Albuquerque, New Mexico

1981: The Anatomy Lesson, University of Illinois at Urbana, Illinois

House of Prayer, Provident National Bank, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1980: House of Prayer Portraits, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

1979:   Night Fever, Eisenhower University, Seneca Falls, New York




2018:    People, Places And Things. Stanek Gallery, Philadelphia. May 3, 2018 to May 26, 2018

2016:     STAFF: An Exhibition of the University of Pennsylvania’s, Fine Arts Faculty, Philadelphia, Pa. September 1-26

2015:     Reflections: An Exhibition Inspired by Black History month. Santa Bannon Fine Art: February 1 to March 1, 2015, Bethlehem, Pa.

Dirty Show 16: February 12 to 21, 2015. Russell Exhibition Center, Detroit Michigan

2014:    Philadelphia Photographers: 1975 -1985, Santa Bannon Fine Art, October 10 to November 21,  Bethlehem, Pa.

2012:     The Unseen Eye: Photographs from the W.M. Hunt Collection, George Eastman House, Rochester NY.  October 1, 2011 to February 19, 2012.

Mirrors Of The Magic Muse, February 5-28, 2012.  Salle Quai Antoine 1er, Monte Carlo, Monaco

2010:    This Is Not An Invitatiion To Rape Me,  University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, 2/18 – 3/5/2010

Art Paris,  Grand Palais des Champs-Elysees – Galerie  Pascal Vanhoecke – March 18 to 22, 2010

2008:  Darkside 1, Fotomuseum, Winterthur, 9/6 – 11/16/2008

Women In The Magic Mirror, St. Moritz Art Masters,  Monaco

2006: Negative Exposure, Trinity Art Gallery, Philadelphia, PA.

2005: Self-Exposure, The Male Nude Self-Portrait, Clamp Art, NYC

Sexe et Convenance, Galerie Parisud, Paris France

RIT Philadelphia Connection, Photo West Gallery, Philadelphia

Love Now, Nordtrom’s, US

2004: Day & Night in Black & White: August 6 – 26, Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia

Masters and Mavericks, The Nude, Serephin Gallery, Philadelphia

Durlacher Vernissage, Galerie Zikesch, Karlsruhe, Germany

My Room, Reparte, Genoa, Italy

s-Vestiti ed Usciamo, nudes, Idee in Fabbrica, Bologna, Italy

2003: Tony Ward & Paul Blanca, Art Space Witzenhausen, Amsterdam

2001:     Works on Paper 2001, Arcadia University Art Gallery, Glenside, Pennsylvania

Helmut Newton Photo Exhibition, Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg, Germany

Fetish, Galerie am Weldeturm, Schwetzingen, Germany

Propositions, Locks Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

2000: Peep Show, Da Vinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Democratic Sex, Dr. Susan Block’s Speakeasy Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1999: Art of the Apocalypse, Dr. Susan Block’s Speakeasy Gallery, Los Angeles, California

Wall to Wall Nudes, Sande Webster Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Sexual Evolution, Dr. Susan Block’s Speakeasy Gallery, Los Angeles, California

1996: Open Your Heart, Leo Castelli Gallery, New York City

1995: Group Show, Instituto National de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico

1993:  Fronts and Backs, Paul Cava Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Portraits of Shoes, John Good Gallery, New York City

1983: Art Institute of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (in association with ASMP)

1980: Northeast Museum Conference, American Association of Museums,

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Afro American Historical & Cultural Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Photo National, The Erie Art Center, Erie, Pennsylvania

1977: The Birmingham Art Alliance, Birmingham, Alabama

1976: Two Person Show, St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



            Fotomuseum Winterthur, Zurich, Switzerland

            Instituto Cultural Banco Santos, San Paulo, Brazil

            Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt, Germany

            Kunsthalle Bremen, Bremen, Germany

            Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany   

            The Eastman Kodak Collection, Rochester, New York

            The Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, New York                         

            Afro American Historical & Cultural Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

            SAP International, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

            W.M. Hunt, New York, New York

            Amedeo M. Turello Collection, Monte Carlo, Monaco

             Gunter Braus, Heidelberg, Germany

             Pennsylvania Convention Center

             Zoellner Arts Center, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania




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2010 to Present: Adjunct Professor of Photography – the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa.

Special Honors:

Fall 2011:        Preceptorial: Erotic Photography in Europe – UPenn

Spring 2012 :  The Philo Project: Photographs of members of the Philomaethean Society of  UPenn

Fall 2013:        Preceptorial: The Crossings of Photography & Fashion – UPenn



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